The are several Air Force Bases in Texas. The Air Force of the United States is one of the seven armed uniformed services. It’s an airborne service arm of the United States Armed Forces. The US Air Force was formed as a branch of the United State Military under the National Security Act of 1947 on 18th September 1947. The Air Force is one of the most recent military sections to be created. It houses one of the world’s most advanced technological air forces. The United State Air Force prides itself in special operations and air superiority. It is also involved in nuclear deterrence operation and global integrated I.S.R. Command and control, cyberspace superiority, personnel recovery, global precision attack and rapid global mobility are more of what it does.

air force bases in texas

Popular Air Force Bases In Texas

The Air Force of the United States is a military unit within the Department of Air Force. It is one of the three departments under the Department of Defense. The Civilian Secretary of the Air Force is the head of the Air Force. He directly reports to the Secretary of defense. This Secretary is appointed by the President and goes through the process of Senate confirmation.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force is the highest ranking officer in the department of Air Force. His sole responsibility is to supervise various air force units and services as member of the Joint Service Chief. The Air Force Mobility forces are assigned as it is directed by the Secretary of Defense to the various Combatant Commanders. Both the Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Air force do not have operational command authority over them.

There are over 15 Air Force bases in Texas alone with their different Combatant Commanders and Units. Most popular are Lackland Air Force Base, Sheppard Air Force Base, Laughlin Air Force Base and Dyess Air Force Base. Lackland Air Force Base is one of the popular Air Force Bases positioned in Bexar county, Texas. This base is under the jurisdiction Training and Air Education Command of the 802d Mission Support Group an enclave of the city of San Antonio. The are a range of air force rings available to all active duty and retired airmen.

Lackland Air Force Base

Lackland Base is part of the Joint Base of San Antonio. A merger between Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base, and United States Army Fort Sam Houston which was amalgamated on 1st October, 2010. The Lackland Air Force Base was established in compliance with congressional legislation for recommendation of 2005 Base closure and realignment commission.

This consolidated legislation of these three facilities which are similar but separate military installations. These are merged into one single joint base, one of 12 joint bases formed by this law in the United States. Lackland Air Force Base has different units which includes the following;

  • 502d Installation support group
  • 737th training group
  • 37th training wing
  • inter American Air Force Academy
  • The Defense Language Institute
  • 624th Operations Centre
  • 24th Air Force
  • 25th Air Force.

Lackland Base  is popularly known for its significant role as the sole US Air Force location enlisted for Basic Military Training, Air Force Reserve, active duty Regular Air Force and Air National Guard. The B.M.T. is categorized into 9 basic training troops, each with their own unique training site on the base. Each troop is equipped with a medical clinic, dining facility. Some squadrons share dining facilities and medical clinics as they are located closely together. Each squadron in the Basic Military Training on the Lackland Base also have specific areas used for exercise where trainees have the basic physical readiness training. Anti terrorism teams are trained on this facility.

Sheppard Air Force Base

The Air Force Base in Sheppard is located about 8kms north of Wichita Falls. The central business district in Texas, named in honor of late Senator John Morris Sheppard. Honoring his support for military preparations before World War II. It is the most diverse in Training and Education Command, and it is largest training base. This base is the host of the 82nd Training division. It is specialized in field training and technical training for airmen, officers and civilians.

Units of the military, foreign nationals and other Department of Defense agencies train here. The 80th Flying education division is also located in the Base organizes a manned flying training program licensed to produce combatant pilots for NATO and USAF. Air Force gifts and special gold air force rings from Military Online Shopping are popular for graduations and retirements. For more information on Air Force Bases in Texas, contact the department directly.

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