Army Plaques

Army Plaques are designed to commemorate the achievements of active and retired soldiers.  Plaques are designed to replicate the military shield and can be fully personalized. Throughout history, the shield was an essential tool of waging war. Their humble design held an incredible important role of protecting the lives of soldiers.

This role gradually vanished when gunpowder arrived.  But the image of a shield lives on as a strong symbol of bravery. The symbols represents duty and the courage to protect others. That is the reason why shields are still often used in the form of military plaques.

Shields and army plaques are utilized as a way of marking important events and periods of time. With their recognizable shape and design the plaque can be a strong reminder of a time gone by.  Because of this, a wide range of army plaques are available online to mark special milestones in a soldier’s life.

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Custom Army Plaques for Retirement

Retiring from any armed service is a very special moment a soldier. Retirement plaques are a great way to look back at the service that was given to a country. Army plaques are also a way of looking towards the future and a new chapter in their life.

Retirement plaques can be found in a number of shapes and materials. They are always appreciated by the retiring service personnel as they can be  engraved with retirement dates and the family name. Plaques are used to recognize service and achievements of outstanding qualities.  They define acts which distinguish the person from others in the service.

The Face Of The Plaque

The face of the plaque can display engravings which cites the achievements and the branch served with.  The back of the plaque is used to display the creed or more personal details. The recognizable shape makes sure that it makes a lovely addition to any work desk or office. In military homes in the United States it is very rare that you not find a plaque displayed.

Army Shields

Plaques are also used to acknowledge important milestones of an individual’s military service. These can refer to campaigns, deployments and other key moments in a career. These army plaques can be ordered online in a few easy steps. Engraving the soldiers creed on the back sets them apart from many other gift items.

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Many soldiers and their spouses purchase these plaques and shields to create a family heirloom. They have become a unique way to show patriotism and pride in the Armed Forces. Ordering one is easy, just follow the instructions in the shop.


Please allow 3-4 weeks, as all these items are custom made and very popular



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