Army Reserve information on benefits and activities. The Army National Guard is a unit of the main army that is composed of traditional guardsmen who serve their countries on a part time basis. On the other hand the Army Reserve which is also a unit of the main Army is composed of trained, equipped and ready soldiers, leaders and units to meet the daily operational requirements of their country both locally and internationally.

Requirement of the Army Reserve

The main requirements of the Army Reserve are the following
1. Each new applicant should be between the ages seventeen to thirty five years. This is the legal age that is stipulated as adult ages in many nations around the world and especially in the United States.
2. Be a citizen of your nation such as the United States or alternatively be a permanent resident.
3. Either have a high school diploma, GED certificate or at the very least be a junior in high school.
4. The applicant should meet the medical requirements, physical and moral requirements of the army National Guard and army reserve. When it comes to the physical requirements one is requires to be physically and mentally toughness.

What the Army Reserve Do

The activities that are conducted by the Army Reserve and Army National Guard include the following.
1. The versatile training of technical and tactical capabilities that are suitable for both the public and private sectors of the nation.
2. They provide teamwork and leadership training and this instils a great level of confidence and trust in the community.
3. Trainees receive army training that contains army values and enforces accountability.

Training  and discipline that is army strong and highly attributable to the daily ways of living. When they leave training they are ready and capable to head to the front line. They are also willing to perform any duties that will bring about peace and stability.

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Do they have to enter combat zones?

It not compulsory for all Army Reserve or army National Guard trained individual to enter combat grounds after training and it is solely optional on what job roles they will partake in order to use the skills to accomplish.

Army Reserve Benefits

  • The main benefits accrued include:
    1. You get to earn a salary even when you are training, whether you serve or weekend drills, are under deployment or annual training.
    2. Your pay level will increase according to the job and education level. The higher you go the higher your pay level.
    3. Being in army reserve you will be provided with insurance as they offer the soldiers and their families’ full insurance coverage.
    4. You will get home loans that you can use to purchase your own home.
    5. You will also acquire retirement benefits coverage.
    6. You will gain technical and tactical skills that will enhance your employment opportunities.

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