Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks made in Germany. Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are hand carved in Oak, Walnut and Mahogany.  Hubert Herr clocks are priced from $169.00 . This type of unique clock is equipped with movements that are weight driven.

The weights generally hang below the clock and are made to appear to be a part of the design. Additionally, the antique variants of the clocks require daily winding while more modern variants can be wound every eight days.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks Sound

On the hour, the doors of the cuckoo clock open allowing a figurine to pop out as the “cuckoo” sound is heard. The sound is created by a rush of wind that travels through a duo of pipes that each create a different syllable. There is one sound of the cuckoo delivered for every passing hour.
black forest cuckoo clocks
In all actuality, there are two completely distinctive types of the novelty clock which include non-musical and musical. The musical variants include a melody that come after the “cuckoo” sounds while featuring a third weight. There are some musical variations that are additionally equipped with other figurines or dancers that spin about in sync with the melody. The non-musical variants feature merely two weights.


Even though the vast majority of people equate only birds with cuckoo clocks, Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks that utilize miscellaneous animals, monks, and soldiers. Black Forest clockmakers were known to have a great deal of pride regarding their craftsmanship.

Every individual piece of wood is high end Black Forest wood, authentic in order to deliver an engraved and hand-cut clock. The detailing extends to the ornamental leaves as well as the shingles on the roof.

Order you Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks today fro delivery worldwide. Remember at busy periods like Christmas allow an extra week for delivery.

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