Command Sergeant Major history and their role in the United States Army. The command sergeant major (abbreviated as CSM) in United States Army is the enlisted senior adviser to a commanding officer of the battalion sized or larger units. He or she monitors and also serves as the advocate for all the other enlisted personnel in the unit. In other words, the command sergeant major basically serves in the leadership position. The rank insignia for the position differs from the one of the sergeant major, although they are both in a similar pay grade.

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Command Sergeant Major History

command sergeant majorThe sergeant major, as rank and a position in United States military, goes way back to Revolutionary War. The title “Sergeant major” was 1st used in the year 1776, when the men holding the rank were mainly found in battalion sized infantry units.

This rank or position was also used by armies during Civil War. For sometime in the 1st half of 1900s, the rank or title disappeared but in the year 1958, the rank was returned by Congress.

What They Do

  • Supervision:
    A command sergeant major generally supervises the enlisted employees. Ensuring that appearance, performance, preparation, and the behavior of those enlisted meets all the standards that are maintained by the U.S Army. They bear the responsibilities of disciplining the soldiers who are found not in compliance with the set standards.
  • Administration:
    Command sergeant majors are expected to be the authority in all the policies and the procedures. Along with the supervision of their battalion, they should be able to carry out all the disciplinary procedures and the miscellaneous tasks that are related to paperwork and administration. For instance, they’re held accountable for rolls, rosters and reports.
  • Advising:
    Recommendations are usually made to the commanding officers by a command sergeant major as result of observation of their battalion and the broad knowledge of their duties and expectations. Additionally, they are expected to offer counsel and guidance to all the enlisted personnel who are below them in their chain of command.
  • Performance:
    Command sergeant majors are expected to operate entirely devoid of any supervision. Performing all their duties earnestly, calmly and precisely is expected of any soldier who holds the distinction of a CSM. A command sergeant major has the task of always upholding the military customs and the traditions. They should maintain their unit’s colors (or flags), battle streamers & other historical artifacts that the unit has.

Not each and every U.S Army sergeant major can become the command sergeant major. Rigorous selection programs which are carried out by U.S Army determines the sergeant majors who’ll receive the title.

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Command Sergeant Major Rings

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