Family Crest Jewelry, military rings, brooches and the like, are all pieces of jewellery (spelled “Jewelry” in the United States). Jewellery can be made out of just about any material known to man, from very expensive to very inexpensive. The list of possible materials includes precious metals such as gold, sterling silver and platinum. Base metals such as silver plate, brass or pewter can be used. Precious and semi-precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies make jewelry affordable.

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Fashion & Costume Jewelry

Family Crest Jewelry has existed since prehistoric times. Often persons of importance during ancient times were buried with their jewellery. Most probably jewelry originated as a form of pinning clothes together and as a way to store and later display wealth. Although it can still be used for those purposes, jewellery is now used almost exclusively for personal adornment or as a fashion accessory.

Jewellery can symbolize membership in a group, such as a Masonic ring or a Christian crucifix. It can be used to denote a particular status, such as a papal ring, a royal signet ring or even a military ring indicating that the person wearing it is married. High-quality jewelry (known as fine jewelry) is made of precious metals and sometimes precious gems. Costume jewellery which is often quite flashy is made of base metals. Synthetic simulated stones such as cubic zirconia or rhinestones are used most of the time.

Custom Family Crest Rings

Family Crest jewellery can be extremely expensive and, since it almost always retains and even appreciates in value. It can be looked at as a form of investment. Goldsmiths, silversmiths and lapidaries are the most common jewellery makers. The methods that they use include forging, casting, soldering or welding, cutting, carving, and a technique called “cold-joining,” which uses adhesives or rivets to assemble the jewelry components. Family Crest Rings are a fine example of fine jewelry.

family crest jewelry

Gold Military Rings

Most American and European gold jewellery is not made of pure gold, but rather of an alloy of gold – a mixture of gold and some other metal. The purity of the gold used in a ring or other piece of jewelry is identified in karats. American gold jewellery must be at least 10K (a little more than 40% gold in the alloy) and is typically no more than 18K (75% pure gold). Higher percentages of gold are much less common, more expensive, and usually considered to be too soft for jewellery use. Gold military rings are mostly made of 10K gold, as it’s very durable.

Body Jewelry

Jewellery can be used to decorate just about any body part. Most typically these include fingers, wrists, ears, arms and necks, but recently there has been a huge increase in the popularity of “body jewelry” that adorns navels, tongues, noses and other more unusual parts of the body. Jewellery can be a gift for someone you love, a gift that perfectly symbolizes your affection.

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