Marine Plaques

Marine Plaques and shield for all divisions of the Marine Corps. Marine Plaques can be personalized with name, service or retirement dates. The plaques can be created in different styles and shapes. The current most popular shap is in the shape of the old heraldic shield.

Marine Plaques and Shields

For many enlisted or retired marines the traditions of Marine Corps life is eternal. Their values of commitment, loyalty and honor remain with the all through life. In business their attention to excellence and detail is legendary.

marine plaques

All shields are custom made to commemorate the achievements of a member of the United States Marine Corps.
In the image below you can see the plaque and shield display in the Creed of a United States Marine on the back.
marine shield and plaqueGive something memorable to a loved one who is currently serving or who is now retired. There are two sizes of shields now available to select from. This means there will be one to suit you budget. Ordering is very easy, just follow the prompts in the shopping area and fill in your details in the text area.


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