Marine Swords with distinctive characteristics, history and significance. The United States Marine officers and non-commissioned officers began carrying swords since the American Revolutionary War. Several marine swords have been imposed on the army since 1826 but the most distinctive was the one of the Mameluke style which has very close resemblance to the swords used today. In 1859, Marine Corps officers were instructed to shoulder the same sword which was used by Army Foot Officers beginning 1850.

The same pattern of sword was imposed on Marine NCOs although it had differences to the one used by officers. For instance, the NCOs had plain brass hilts and scabbard mounts while on the other hand, those used by officers had scabbard mounts and hilts made of gilt.

Secondly, the grips for NCO swords had leather covers which contrasted with officer’s swords which had grips covered with sharkskin. Finally, NCO scabbards had only two scabbards mounts; these consisted of a scabbard tip and a top mount which had a frog stud. A marine officer’s scabbard had three mounts which consisted of upper and middle mounts fitted with carrying rings.

Marine Swords for Officers

The NCO and Marine Officer swords are still issued today but only for use as a drill and for ceremonial purposes. To be specific, the sword’s use in the Marine Corps is restricted to ceremonies by a staff non-commissioned officer in command of troops.

Deployment Swords

Today, marine swords are rarely used as weapons having been replaced by rifles but still exist in armies as a symbol of loyalty and valor. For instance, a deployment sword is awarded to a member of the U.S armed services to commemorate and honor their service in a foreign theater of operation. Deployment swords are characterized by a golden eagle hilt and has a customized engraving of its owner’s rank and their name on the blade.

Patriot Marine Swords

Patriot swords can be acquired as a symbol of loyalty and commitment to one’s native country. There are several types of them which are available online with origins which identify with different countries. For instance, the American Liberty Sword is one inspired by the country’s gain of freedom and other historical events which have been fundamental to the development of the United States. It is adorned with a twin eagle hand guard, golden depictions in its blade and the Lady Liberty Pommel. This particular sword is held in pride by American Patriots and treated as a treasure one cannot simply afford to lose once it is acquired. Marine Swords can be purchased online today and shipped to your office or home.

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