Military Car Sales for members of the Armed Forces at home and away. Serving in the military is a very distinguished position for any person, but this is especially true for all those that are stationed overseas. Any foreign deployment is crucial for the safety and stability of the country, no matter what region of the world or military post is involved.

At the same time, only the members of the military that have experienced this or are currently in this kind of a situation can truly grasp and understand all the hard work, risk and sacrifice that go on into any overseas deployment. Thankfully, serving one’s country in the military includes several important benefits. One of the main ones is the option of military car sales, which covers both services in the US and those that take place overseas.

Military Car Sales Program

military car salesFor example, on base purchases that include a Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler’s vehicles come with a bonus. All these companies offer a 500 US dollar cash bonus to all those who are a part of the military. The same offer covers active soldiers, active reserve troops and retired members of the military or military reserved. The same companies offer these bonuses under the specially designed Incentive Program created by the military itself.

Ford Company has their own military program, called the Appreciation program, which covers both the purchase and leasing of new cars, SUV and trucks made by the same company. General Motors provides discounts for military members and an exclusive ways to save on new vehicles made by Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC. This company also includes things like road assistance and extended the warranty, along with the financial savings itself.

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson, an icon of the US motor industry, provides their Military Advantage Program that offers great opportunities to those who are serving overseas. For more than three decades, this program allowed military members to purchase incredible and affordable motorbikes in these military car sales.

At the same time, overseas deployments can include purchases that take place off post, in a foreign country. For example, Honda provides programs that help military members with the purchase and lease of their new vehicles from 2014 and 2015. Mazda, on the other hand, for its models from the 2014 and 2015 provides a 500 US dollar cash bonus, but these bonuses cannot be mixed with private offers made by the same company and the military members need to have a US residency.


Military car sales that include the Nissan Company provide a special opportunity to make a significant saving that cover military members.  This includes their partners and spouses. With their VPP (Vehicle Purchase) program, the company provides a way of getting a discount that is even lower than any official Dealer offer, which creates a substantial saving. Volkswagens Company, which has an excellent reputation for reliability, also has a great reputation for providing savings on their new models in their military car sales programs.

The important fact is that all these vehicles can be distributed and shipped both overseas and in the country. Because of all of this, it is clear that military car sales are the ideal way for many manufacturers to say thank you to all those who chose to serve the United States.


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