American’s are extremely patriotic by nature and they take the utmost pride in the flag of their country. They show it great respect and handle it with kid gloves at all times. The American nation loves to display the various patriotic flags in specially made and decorated boxes called flag cases. The cases come in beautiful and varying colors and finishes. There are a variety of different designs which are used as military flag cases, memorial flag cases and American flag cases.

Military Flag Cases In Wood

Flag cases are triangular in shape and consist of a glass front so that the flag is easily viewed when inside the case. The case is not for storage but rather display. They are most often carved from wood of differing types and colors such as oak or cherry wood or the wood is stained or varnished after manufacture. Flag cases are most often used to preserve and display flags awarded to members of fallen soldiers. These military and memorial flag cases take center stage in most American homes that have been presented these flags.

They are displayed with pride for the family member who laid their lives on the line for their country and they are a sign of respect for the dead and their love for that person. To most Americans it is an honor to fight for the country they love so dearly. Most flag cases come with engraved metal or brass plates on them, proudly displaying the name of the fallen soldier.

Flag cases can also be used to preserve and display flags that have some historical value and significance. Any government issue flag should fit into the standard size flag case. Always remember that the flag must be folded in the correct fashion as per historic tradition. This shows respect for the flag you wish to display. Pedestals are a wonderful place to put flag cases. They are slightly raised and the center of attention as they should be. If you wish to wall mount you flag case, they most often come with the wall mount kit provided.

American Flag Case

Military veteran flag cases are of great importance and these come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and varying degrees of decor. The veteran is sure to find one to his liking. Veteran flag cases can be the regular triangular kind or the more ornate kind which consists of the swords or it can simply have a beautiful plaque attached. Triangular flag cases are the most common flag cases as the shape follows that of a correctly folded flag.
military flag cases

Military Flag Shadow boxes are for those veterans who wish to display the flag in the usual triangular case but are then also able to display medals of honor and perhaps their shirt sleeves on a box attached to the flag case.

There is nothing that swells a man’s pride than putting his recognition as a soldier on display. These can also be wall mounted, depending on the size of the shadow box. Some shadow box designs are extremely heavy and will have to hung with extreme caution or alternatively they can be displayed in all their glory on a mantelpiece or table. Military Rings and military flag cases are superb ways to commemorate a life spent in the military.

Although military flag cases are most often associated with brave soldiers and veterans who served in the military, they are not limited to these people only. Being the patriotic nation that they are, American’s love to display their countries flag with pride. Flag cases could make fantastic gift ideas and you are most certain that it will be received with extreme gratitude.

Memorial Flag Case

For those of you who do not want a large, flashy flag case, but still want to have your flag on display, there are photo flag cases which can be wall mounted and will blend in perfectly among your family photographs. You don’t have to have the largest, most ornate flag case to show that you love your country. If you are a lover of the outdoors and don’t necessarily wish to display your flag indoors, you are able to get flag cases that fit in next to your flowers and trees in the garden. This may actually be the perfect tribute to a departed loved one. Select a quiet, peaceful and beautiful part of the garden and place this memory there for them to share in the wonders of nature and to enjoy the peaceful tranquility.

Every year our American soldiers offer up their lives for the safety of our America and I can think of no better way to show our appreciation, gratitude and love for these soldiers than a flag case in their memory.

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