Military Pendants

Military Pendants custom made for all the branches of the Armed Forces. From the early Egyptians to the modern day, jewelry tells a tale and creates an air of sophistication and glamour for women all over the world.

The military pendant worn by so many women in the army displays a certain element of pride in the Armed Services. And whether you are in the services of your country or on the catwalk, I think you will agree that women like to look good and be noticed.

Personalized Military Pendants

Unique jewelry in the form of military pendants, offer more in terms of design and personalization then any other jewelry. Besides making the wearer good, it can also inform the observer about the career of the woman. To personalize the pendant is very popular, and this can be done by creating certain wording around the stone such as the following;

  • Proud Army Wife
  • Proud Army Mum
  • Proud Air Force Mum
  • Proud Air Force Wife
  • Proud Navy Wife
  • Proud Navy Mum
  • Proud Marine Wife
  • Proud Marine Mum

When designing your military pendant, select any of the above and place it around your birthstone. Create an inscription on the back and you will have a treasured piece of jewelry that will probably become a family heirloom.

Military Pendants in Gold or Silver

military pendantsWith the huge surge in gold prices all over the world, people are considering the investment potential when deciding to buy jewelry.

For those who can’t wear gold for any reason there is always the option of a military pendant in sterling silver. Silver was once considered a spiritual metal in Medieval Times.

Military Pendants with your Coat of Arms
Pendants can be designed by using the family Coat of Arms or indeed by using another element of the Blazon which is the Family Crest.

These are the ultimate display of family pride and compliments and military jewelry that you would choose to wear, as all this style of jewelry exudes pride in some form or other.

Military Pendant with your Family Tree

A very popular pendant in which you can insert the birthstones of your loved ones and family members. Follow instructions in the shop to create and design this masterpiece and like all the high quality pieces of jewelry it is available in precious metals
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