Military Plaques

Military Plaques are custom made for all branches of the Armed Forces. A soldier’s retirement or promotion is  a cause for celebration and commemoration.  Military plaques are usually presented to retirees at a party or reunion. The wording on the military plaques will vary depending on who’s giving that plaque & their relationship with that person. Plaque inscriptions should include elements-of gratitude, congratulations & references to various milestone events.

Military Plaques and Military Shields

Following twenty years of service in the Armed Forces, retirees design commemorative gifts symbolic-of their service. The items commemorate the retiree’s experiences  and  adventures during their time in the service. The preparation is usually coordinated months ahead-of the member’s retirement.  Military plaques and gifts presented during the special dinner or luncheon is carried out by a member of the family.

military plaques

Shields custom made for all units and divisions

marine shield and plaque


Navy Plaques

You can get the Navy Plaques which feature a unique and special inscribed prayer or poem. You can customize the front of the plaque with your own personal message. It’s a unique way of letting the sailors know you’re praying for them. Alternatively, you can get the Navy Appreciation Plaque.  The USN-Anchor logo draws the attention to this amazing Navy plaque. The Navy service record & a personal note-of appreciation are both proudly displayed.

Marine Corps Plaques

You can get the Marine Corps Service Plaque which has the Marine Logo displayed on the front.  This is signified with a Gold coloring, so as to draw attention to the plaque. You can also get one where the rank is displayed and highlighted in red  and acknowledges the service-by Marine Corps members. You can also get a plaque to say thank you for your service.  It’s a great gift to  share your appreciation and also show your gratitude to the marines. It can also make a brilliant gift idea for the Marine’s wife.

Air Force Plaques

You can get an Airman’s Creed Plaque which has the official airman creed inscribed on the back. You can customize the front side with your very own messages. A unique and brilliant way of letting the airmen know that you’re thinking of them.

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