Military Rings

Military Rings can be used to mark special occasions during a soldier’s career. A soldier’s achievements can be recorded on this small piece of jewelry. Rings are used to symbolize a soldier’s career and to create a legacy for generations to come. Rings are often used to symbolize graduations from an academy or specialized school. They are also beautiful reminders of one’s service in the United States Armed Forces. A very popular ring worn by members of the Armed Forces is the custom made Deployment Rings showing the dates of service. Deployment  rings were designed to commemorate and record the involvement of service personnel in campaigns in the Middle East and Afghanistan. On the sides of the rings the campaign emblems are displayed.  And above each emblem the dates can be engraved.

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Military Rings are designed for the purpose of recognizing and commemorating life in the armed forces. The rings can be made in various sizes for men and women. A selection of metals is offered. The most popular is silver and gold. Celestrium  is a jeweler’s metal can be toned to reflect silver or gold.

Gold Military Rings

The rings are similar in appearance to the traditional high school ring. The crown can be oval or square and  enhanced with a gemstone to reflect the birth month.  Some wear this ring for special occasions. Others wear them everyday as a testament to the sacrifice they have made in the line of duty. Gold Military Rings are durable and come with a lifetime warranty. Each ring is different in style and design which make them unique. They are made by creating a cast of the unit or military branch emblem. There are hundreds of military symbols available so each ring can be unique in appearance.

Custom Military Rings
Besides selecting a color for the gemstone other areas of the ring can be custom engraved. Custom wording around the stone will indicate the branch you served with. On both sides of the ring you can select two military emblems that will indicate the unit or division you served with. There is also a space above the emblems to engrave texts. The text can indicate your rank and name. Many soldiers like to engrave a date on the ring to mark an enlistment or retirement.

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Perfect Gifts For Him

If you are looking for a special gift for your loved one, custom military rings should be on your list. They are ideal to commemorate a promotion, a deployment, a birthday or a military retirement. Personalized rings shows your appreciation for their service, dedication, and sacrifice. In the future it will become a valuable and unique family heirloom.

Diagram of Military Rings

Take a moment to look at the diagram of how to customize a military ring. The same procedure is carried out for all branch rings. Images and side emblems are available in the drop down menu in the shop for design purposes. You will have ample space in the text areas to input names and dates. Please read the note in the design area with regard to the amount of text you can have.

Ring Sizing

Remember to have your ring sized by a competent and professional jeweler. The current sizes range from six to fifteen and include half sizes. The average delivery time for custom made rings is four to five weeks. During busy shopping periods, please allow an extra week for shipping.  Whether you are moving on from secondary school or the military, you or your family might most likely want to check the event with an exceptional blessing or token. After all, it’s an exceptionally unique minute in any individual’s life and an extremely glad minute; you’ve buckled down, yielded a considerable measure of your time and were trained to put forth a concentrated effort to get past.

A Record of Service

Military class rings are accessible for all individuals from the outfitted constrain and subsidiary individuals. Every single unique event can be checked and honored by the customization of these rings from the content on the sides to the pictures that speak to the different divisions of the administration. We might give you some data about what’s accessible and how you can continue to make and plan your military ring.

Navy Rings

Moving on from Great Lakes, Norfolk or California on any given end of the week you can watch the pride in any every individual’s attitude from the glad guardians who realize that they have given their child or little girl the most obvious opportunity in life. The Naval Training Officers who put these youngsters through their paces with self-assured control and affable power and trust the will maintain the respect and respectability of the Navy. Military class rings can be modified with symbols, for example, the Dept. of Navy Seal, Seabees and Chief Petty Officer and several different outlines that you can see on the military ring site.

Army Rings

The Army is one of the biggest offices in the military and whether you have prepared in Ft. Knox, Ft. Lee you will likewise have the capacity to plan a military class ring to speak to your picked unit or detachment in the Army. Sending rings are exceptionally well known particularly those with pictures of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” or “Operation Enduring Freedom” as these crusades will have an enormous influence in the historical backdrop of America and to be sure the world. It is very conceivable that amid your arrangements you have invested energy in Kuwait and went by the post here in the photo. I spent many a day on this post in the singing warmth of the mid-year and amid those brutal blustery winter night times.

Marine Corps Rings

Camp Lejune or Camp Pendleton, if you’re a Marine then you have presumably spent a significant portion of your prior days on one of these two posts. A large part of you will have met some of your life, great companions while doing your preparation under a bore sergeant that you believed was the fallen angel however now acknowledge he was more often than not your closest friend. The preparation that is hard to persist at the time has likely spared your life and that of your partners. We have excellent custom marine rings for you to browse and with the choice of side pictures, you will discover something suitable.

Delivery Information

Rings are custom made in the shop using the details you provide. The company we use to create these rings, process approximately 500 rings per week for the various military branches. We ask you to please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. So order now today and avoid any delays. Remember Christmas is one of our very busy periods so please allow an extra week. If rings are being shipped to combat zones, please allow an extra week also.





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