Military Signet Rings for the various branches of the United States Military. The Military Signet Rings the we are outlining below are available in Silver and Gold.

Army Military Signet Rings

Since the time of the Greeks, military signet rings have formed an integral part of military history. Distinguished military officers could wear military signet rings to represent victory. Today, Army signet rings are still worn to honor the service of active enlisted and retired military personnel. The top of the ring boldly displays the officer’s choice of Army Division Insignia. The sides feature dramatic sculptures of Official Army Emblems, with deeply engraved lettering.

military signet rings
Military Signet Rings delivered worldwide.

The ring is custom-crafted in solid Sterling Silver and contrasted in brightly polished Gold. To give it a final touch of exclusivity, the inside of the ring is engraved with your initials and years of service, with a smooth inner band for comfort fit. You can design unique Army military signet rings for a loved one serving or retired, and present them a distinctive symbol of pride, honor and service to their country.

Once you have chosen gold or silver, select the stone color of their unit, and have the name of the military unit etched on the ring. You can customize the military signet  rings further by placing nicknames, initials, unit number, and other special symbols.

Navy Signet Rings

Shortly after the Revolutionary War, the US Navy was formed. However, it came into prominence during the World War II. It was an integral part of the US military effort during the entire period of the conflict, starting from the time the US military got involved – which was during the surprise raid on naval ships in Pearl Harbor. The country can never hope to repay the Navy for the great work they have done or will continue to do, but the Navy personnel deserve Navy Signet rings as a way of appreciation.

Navy rings can be designed to reflect a person’s service, featuring the Eagle, Shield, and Anchor Emblem, as in the Navy. They could also reflect a specific Navy Fleet, flying group, command, squadron, or specialty, such as the Navy Seals. The Navy signet ring, available also in Sterling Silver and Gold, could use naval coats of arms or insignia (as the “seal”) at the top of the ring.

Marine Corps Signet Rings

Marine Corps are men and women who have selflessly sacrificed to protect the freedom of Americans. The Marine Corps rings not only honor, but also reflect the traditions and values of the Marine. The 1st and 2nd Marine Division are the most popular rings created over the past recent years – perhaps for their active involvement in the Iran and Afghanistan deployments since 2002. Designing a Marine Corps signet ring is quite simple.

However, you must decide on the metal, the words, and images to be engraved on the ring, including the size. Classic signet rings fall among the various options and styles of Marine Corps rings. They are engraved with emblems/ insignias, or could simply be etched with semi-precious stones placed into the metal. Available in Sterling Silver and Gold, Marine Corps signet rings can be customized and uniquely designed to represent the diverse challenges often encountered by the Marine Corps in the line of duty. Many marines like to wear their rings to symbolize honor and well deserved pride.

Air Force Signet Rings

As a retired or active member of the Air Force, you can design important piece of jewelry from the types of military Air Force rings available. A very formal ring resembling a class ring is the Air Force signet ring, which has a semi-precious stone set on the top, with a symbol etched in it. However, the symbol does not necessarily have to be there. It is just by choice. In designing a signet ring for your friend or family member, it is important to know what they would like, as there are hundreds of emblems and symbols that can be placed on the top or side of their Air Force rings.

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