Military Veterans Rings for those who served in the Armed Forces. A strong tradition with members past and present of the US Military, the veteran’s ring is worn with pride. Begun in 1835 by the cadets at West Point Military School, the tradition of wearing a ring remains as strong today. The ring is a symbol of honor and camaraderie, reminding veterans of the service they undertook. It brings officers and enlisted ranks together as brothers and sisters and reminds them every day of the duty they performed and the respect they are given.

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Custom Military Veterans Rings

No matter which branch of the military, a ring can be designed to represent who you are – after all, style is individual. For that extra special touch, custom military rings can be designed with an inset birthstone. Rings such as this provide an additional layer of personal uniqueness that will touch hearts. Rings are available in a dazzling array of different metals and stones, with customized sides and bevel text. Choose and design a ring to make a statement that can be handed down through generations with pride.

An army ring, gifted to a veteran who may be some years out of service, will serve as a reminder of how the country honors them. A set of rings, shared between heroes, will stop them ever forgetting their time as a unit. A custom ring, worn proudly, will command respect and admiration in all those who see it. A descendant will treasure a ring as an heirloom, inspiring them to find their own greatness.

Remembering Heroes

Remembering glories is not all, however. The reality of war is harsh and with a military ring, veterans honor the dead – the valiant men and women who didn’t come home. Rings worn by those who remain to remember the heroes who fell in service to their country. Whatever military discipline, a custom veteran’s ring will bring an extra special solidity to that memory. It’s a memento to a band of brothers who fought together.


To get started with designing your ring is easy. Go to the shopping area of Military Online Shopping and select the branch you served with. Follow the guidelines and instructions for your select ring.

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