Military online shopping makes shopping easier for the members of the Naval base San Diego and their families. This Naval base is not just a port for ships but a city that allows military officers as well as their families to grow and to prosper. Initially, the base occupied only a few acres in the San Diego Coast. Now it is among the largest naval bases globally with about 40,000 officers.

Naval Base San Diego 1920

San Diego base was a small base operating on a land that was owned by San Diego City before it was scooped up by the Navy in the 1920s. By 1924, the Navy had decommissioned 77 destroyers while commissioning seven of them. Although there was a threat of its closure during the great depression, the Navy did everything possible to ensure that it remained open.

The base expanded during the Second World War to include a force training unit and fleet training schools. This base has also grown to almost 1,000 acres where new buildings and barracks have been established. It was given more land following the Korean War. By the 1990s, this base was the main port for the United States Pacific Fleet.

naval base san diego
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Navy Rings in San Diego

Today, shopping from this base is not only easier but also efficient with online shopping. With military online shopping, you can now get customized items that suit all your needs and occasions. Items include custom navy rings for sailors. Personalized gifts for birthdays, retirements, and anniversaries as well as any military milestone are also available. The navy rings are available in premium silver, durable Valadium, and gold among other materials. Rings can also be personalized to include ranks, military branch and dates.

Military items are carefully selected to suit the needs of all members of the military and their family. Items be customized to suit the needs of the Army officers, Air force, the Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. Most items are also delivered to any part of the world including APO’s, FPO’s and combat zones. They can also be shipped direct to the base in San Diego.

This implies that with online shopping for the military you can purchase various items from the comfort of your office or home in this naval base. Online shopping enables you to surprise and impress your loved ones by sending them military gifts with engraved sentiments of affection and love. The items are re-stocked regularly. Thus, if you do not find the item that you want during your visit, you will probably find it when you check in later. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy online shopping from the comfort of your office or home..

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