Navy Plaques

Navy Plaques that will tell the story of a sailors life. For all of the branches of the Armed Forces Military Plaques can be custom made. In commemoration of a person’s retirement or promotion are basic causes for celebration in the form of a military reunion, family party or miscellaneous event. Navy plaques tend to be gifted to the retiree or the individual receiving a promotion. The wording will vary depending upon the person presenting the plague and their relationship to the recipient.

Navy Plaques Personalized

Naval Shields and Plaques feature the special and unique poem that is entitled, “A Sailor’s Prayer” that is inscribed on the backside of the plaque. The front can be customized with a message that is uniquely significant to the recipient. Such as the sailors unit address or specific dates. The “Navy Appreciation Plaque” features the USN-Anchor logo which draws attention to Navy plaques. Upon the plague the individual’s service record is displayed alongside a personal note of appreciation.

navy plaques

Navy Shields and Plaques

Marine Corps Plaques

A Marine Corps Service-Plaque features the Marine Corps emblem that is signified by its Gold coloring which draws a great deal of attention to the USMC plaque. This plaque can also contain the individual’s rank (highlighted in colors of red). Another plaque that is available for Marine Corps members is the “Thank You Marines Plaque” that delivers a patriotic and warm salutation. This is a great way to show gratitude to a marine as well as being a wonderful gift idea for the wife of a Marine Corps Member.

Air Force Plaques
An “Airman’s Creed-Plaque” features the official creed for airman inscribed on the back. The front can be customized with personalized messages for the recipient. This is a wondrous and unique way to show a member of the Air Force that they are in your thoughts and very important to you.

Army Plaques

A perfect choice for Soldiers & Family Appreciation Day as well as Army Spouse Appreciation Day is the “Thank You” plaque. This plaque allows for a patriotic and warm thank you to be delivered in a way that is timeless and able to warm the hearts of generations to come.
Navy Retirement Plaques & Shields
Once a person has dedicated twenty or more years to service within the United States Navy, the retiree is allotted gifts that are intended to symbolically commemorate their service. The Navy plaques, mostly in particular, are to commemorate the experiences, adventures and hardships of the retiree.

Additionally, the plaques are presented at a formal dinner and recognize the accomplishments made over the course of the retiree’s military service career. At Military Online Shopping we have the ability to create a perfect Navy Shield with Naval emblems and personalized with the name and service dates.

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