Navy Retirement Gifts are always more effective if they are engraved or monogrammed. This milestone is a very important one in the life of a soldier, sailor or marine. After twenty years or more, its time to hang up those boots and face life as a civilian. This can be daunting for some, but with the help of family members and loved ones the transition can be exciting also. Remember there are many associations and organizations that can assist you with information about what you can do after leaving the service.

Navy Retirement Gifts Engraved

We have a selection of gifts that can be personalized with a sailor’s details. These details can be engraved on Navy Rings, etched on swords or embroidered on a Coat of Arms plaque. The ideal solution to purchasing a gift is to go online and visit shops like Military Online Shopping. You don’t have to rush around and get yourself stressed in a high street store. Online purchasing affords you a stress free design and purchase service and is open twenty four seven.

Four Top Navy  Gifts

The number one gift for sailors is the traditional custom made navy ring. This small piece of jewelry can tell so much about the career path of a sailor. There are approximately eight areas of the ring that can be personalized. The important areas are the sides, the stone and inside the band. A navy ring can display the sailor’s name, the period of service and the emblems associated with service.

navy retirement gifts and rings

Navy Watches

A watch is a valuable item whether you are active or retired. Currently we have a selection of watches that will display the Navy logo on the face. This logo brings the dials to life and is instantly recognizable by any onlooker.


The navy plaque can take the form of a medieval shield. On the front a logo or rate can be displayed along with relevant dates and rank. The back can be engraved with the navy creed and family name. This item will make wonderful navy gifts for any occasion.

Family Crest Rings

The ring engraved with the Coat of Arms never fails to impress. Not everyone has a Coat of Arms, but if your family name originated from a European country it’s highly possible that you have one. Family Crest Rings are create by using the elements that are displayed on the shield area of the Coat of Arms.

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