Coming 2 years after the world’s global conflict, the Second World War was one of the deadliest and widespread wars in history. More than 30 countries participated and over 50 million civilians and army lives were lost. This was sparked by Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939. This war went on for 6 deadly years until the Nazi Germany were finally defeated in 1945. Although some people say that the Second World War was a continuation of the First World War, in the actual sense, it started when Germany invaded Poland which led to France and Britain to declare war on Hitler’s Nazis.

Role of Adolf Hitler in The Second World War

Adolf Hitler had originally hoped to attack the west in 1939 but the weather and differences among the military hindered the use of air force leading to the postponement of the attack until 1940. During this time, Hitler seized Norway and shifted his primary focus of attack in the west to the southern part. This strategy appeared to work at first when the Germans broke through the French defenses. The thrust southern in 1940 also brought a quick collapse of the remaining French defenses. This gave Hitler morale assuring him of a complete support of almost all Germany’s military leaders.
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Since it appeared as if the war was over, they started planning how they can attack the US. The construction of the navy in the preparation of this was ordered. Upon being advised by his military, he launched the attack from the east in late 1941.

Since Britain did not accept defeat, Hitler planned 3 measures to knock it out of the war: The quick defeat of the Soviet Union to remove it as a possible source of aid to the Britain; to invade it; to destroy its capacity to surrender. As the allies closed on Germany, Hitler increasingly hoped for a split in the alliance which he had forced against itself.

Hitler believed that Germany had lost the First World War after losing support from home. He was therefore convinced that once he established a dictatorship and systematic killings of the Jews, he would be victorious. When the war was nearing its end he married his mistress and together they committed suicide.

Role of the US Army

During the Second World War, American president had all along wanted the US Army to get involved in the war in the side of Britain. In December 7,1941, Japanese carrier-based bombers attacked the American Navy Base in Pearl Harbor. The attack planners hoped that by doing this they would cripple the US infantry. During the first 2 years, the US Army had maintained neutrality during the war. March to June 1945 saw the last major battles for the pacific island.

The US infantry sent an assault force of 180,000 forces during which time over 107000 Japanese military and civilians died. These included women who literary threw their children into the sea and jumped after being convinced that they would be tortured by the Americans. Today many veterans wear custom made military rings to remind them of their involvement.

In August 1945, American B-29 dropped a single bomb on Hiroshima, obliterating the whole town. Interestingly, when the Japanese were not surrendering, another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. What shocked the world was the high number of civilian causalities. In August, 15, Japan formally surrendered, the war ended and the cold war between the superpowers emerged. When it comes to the Second World War, there cannot be any doubt that Hitler’s Germany and the US played a significant role.

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