Army Ring - Silver Celestrium

These traditionally designed US Army Rings are the perfect way to commemorate the years of service in the military. This ring is similar to Titanium, durable and hard wearing. Guaranteed not to tarnish. It is solid under the stone. Just click on the image to start the design process By using the text boxes and drop-down selectors below, you can design a ring in about ten minutes. Please allow about 4-5 weeks for delivery.

  • See detailed images under main picture.
  • Important - Select different designs for both sides.

NOTE: About Text On Sides - Above Selected Emblems 
You can have up to two lines on the sides of your ring. Each line can only be 9 characters including spaces.

Examples of Text:
( The / indicates two lines).
( Germany /  2004-2006 )
( Sergeant / Smith )


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Use the text boxes below to add specific text, like your name or dates to the side of the ring. Select two emblems for the sides of the ring, make sure to select a different emblem for either site.

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