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Army Rings
ARMY RINGS can be fully personalized with a name, rank and personal details. Click On Any Image Below - To Start Personalizing Your Ring


Black Stealth Army Ring - Eclipse Celestrium Black

This is the very popular Stealth Army Ring in Black. This metal option has the durability of a fine jeweller's stainless steel and has been scientifically coated with a black finish. The text is in Black also. Click on image to see personalization options.

Market price: $399.00 save 10%
Combat Military Rings for All Branches
This Ring Can Be Worn In Extreme Conditions. A budget ring for those on a tight budget. The Men's Combat Military Ring is a solid back ring.
Made of Silver Valadium a fine jeweler's stainless steel.
Market price: $179.00 save 22%
Army National Guard Ring
National Guard Rings - All States Available - Gold and Silver available. To design the ring correctly, select the Army National Guard emblem for one side and select a different emblem for the other side. Over the emblems, you could put the dates you served on one side and perhaps your name on the other.
Army Retirement Rings

A beautiful ring to mark your special occasion. Personalize this ring with your NAME and Dates of service. You can upgrade to PREMIUM SILVER or SOLID GOLD or solid gold.

Army Signet Ring - Custom Made For Soldiers
This Sterling Silver Ring will be engraved with your family name and displays the Army Eagle. Click om image for details. A very popular patriotic gift for any person or occasion.

Market price: $275.00 save 28%
Army Rings - Solid Gold ( On Sale Now )
A Beautiful Ring in 10k Solid Gold
There are many rings on the market which appear to be cheaper, but when compared, you will see that they are hollow under the stone. This ring can be designed with a square or round stone and with or without a logo lasered into the stone. All selections can be made at the next step when you click on image. A popular and treasured gift for Birthdays, Promotions, Retirements and other milestones in a soldier's life.
FREE SHIPPING - A beautiful gift for any soldier to capture the essence of military life !
Market price: $1399.00 save 7%
Army Ring - Premium Silver

Looking for the best U.S. Army Ring in premium silver !? This is it. This ring can be designed with a square or round stone and fully personalized. Click on image to see personalization options.

Market price: $495.00 save 19%
Army Ring - Gold Celestrium
FREE SHIPPING - The Traditional Designed Military Ring worn by millions of active duty and retired military personnel. A Beautiful Classic Military Ring in Gold Celestrium. If you require a gift for a special occasion, then this will the bill. The ring can be ordered with a round or square stone and can be fully personalized with name and dates.
Army Ring - Silver Celest Ring
FREE SHIPPING TODAYCommemorate all special occasions and milestones. An affordable ring to suit most budgets. The ring is made in silver celestrium and is easy to order. Design in a few easy steps. All units and divisions available in drop-down menu.