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Coat of Arms Embroidery

Coat of Arms Embroidery
Embroidered coat of arms handmade using silver and gold threads. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.


Coat of Arms Embroidery
This custom made embroidery is a magnificent way to display the family Coat of Arms for two families. It will show the Coat of Arms with the family names and the country of origin. If the item is to mark a specific occasion, like a wedding anniversary or retirement the date can also be included.
It's a very popular embroidery and will also come with 2 history scrolls.
Market price: $450.00 save 11%
Embroidered Coat of Arms
FAMILY PRIDE! This Coat of Arms Embroidery that can be displayed in your home or office. Embroidered in a 3D effect that will give life to your ancient Family Coat of Arms. The item will display the family Coat of Arms and also the scroll with the family history. It's a great way to educate the younger generation about the family origin and instilling a sense of pride.

Family Name History Scrolls

Approximately 300 to 350 word scroll printed relating to your family name !

  • English Names, Irish Names, Welsh Names, Scottish Names
  • German Names, Austrian Names, Polish Names, Dutch Names
  • Spanish Names, French Names, Italien Names, Portugese Names, Belgium Names, Russian Names & lots more