Family Seal Ring

Most family seal rings has been used by kings and queens for many ages. Mainly around the 10th and 12th century.  In olden times, a noble or knight would disply his heraldic Coat of Arms on his armour and tunics. This quickly identified him to both to his enemies and fiends during battles. Sometimes, for purposes more related to personal vanity or pride.  He would also decorate some of his other possessions with seals and family crests. Other types heraldic jewelry were created for practical reasons. Although their main use now is as a decorative fashion accessory. A practical example of this is the seal ring. Family seal rings (also referred to as signet rings) made for the nobility were engraved with a heraldic emblem such as a crest or coat-of-arms on the surface of the top of the ring. The image on this ring was designed in reverse (like a mirror-image), so when dipped in wax and pressed on paper, it created the seal. The seal with the heraldic crest or coat-of-arms identified the sender of a letter. This also assured the authenticity of the document. The need to guarantee authenticity in this manner is long gone.  Medieval clans and some individuals still use family seal rings even today as a symbolic link to their ancient past. They are a nice link to their family history and lineage. They can be a status symbol for nobility.  Custom made rings serve as an instant identifier of the person in society. Family seal rings can be decorated with the family name. The sterling silver ring is very popular and represent great value.

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