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Marine Corps Rings

Marine Corps Rings
MARINE CORPS RINGS are custom made to display pride and honor for active and retired Marines.
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Silver Marine Signet Ring
A beautiful personalized USMC Signet Ring - Extremely Popular Gift. This ring is exclusive to Military Online Shopping and is a solid back ring. The size is 19mm or 3/4 inch.
Market price: $275.00 save 28%
Marine Corps Ring - Silver Celestrium

A very affordable ring that can be customized with details like a Name, division emblems and special dates like deployment dates or service dates. A robust and durable USMC ring.

Marine Ring - Gold Celestrium
A Beautiful Gold Tone Marine Ring - A very popular ring. A great gift ! This is a very affordable ring if your looking for a USMC ring that won't brake the bank. It is one of our biggest sellers, and is suitable as a gift for any occasion. Easy to design and order. If purchasing any of these rings as a gift please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.
Market price: $349.00 save 11%
Marine Corps Ring - Premium Silver
This is a PREMIUM SILVER ring, and is classed as a top of the range USMC ring. It's one of those rings that will eventually become a family heirloom and a treasure for any loved one to receive. It can be customized to display all the relevant details of the Marine. Makes a great gift for birthdays, graduations, promotions and retirements. Like all custom made rings, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery of the ring. Don't delay, so order today.
Market price: $499.00 save 20%
Marine Ring - Women's Facet Cut
Beautifully detailed woman's Marine Corps Ring - Upgrade options. Easy to design and order. If purchasing any of these rings as a gift please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.
Marine Ring - 10k Solid Gold
The Perfect Ring For Yourself Or A Loved One
This is moving into the expensive range of rings, but it's just beautiful. It is made from Solid Gold and is a full solid ring. There are many rings on the market which appear to be cheaper, but when compared you will see that they are hollow under the stone. This ring can be designed with a square or round stone and with or without an logo lasered into the stone. All selections can be made at the next step when you click on image. A popular and treasured gift for Birthdays, Promotions, Retirements and any other milestones in a MARINE'S life !
FREE SHIPPING - A beautiful gift for any marine to capture the essence of Marine Corps life !
Market price: $1399.00 save 11%