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Marine Corps Rings

Marine Corps Rings

Marine Corps Rings are worn with pride with thousands of United States Marines around the world. US Marines are a tight bunch and live by their motto " Semper Fidelis" which means always faithful. The motto was adopted in 1883. Marine Corps Graduation Gifts for men and women. “What should I get a graduating marine corp?” is a question that many family members unfamiliar with the corps ask themselves. Graduation is a unique and special time of thanks, commemoration and gratitude. It is a look into the future by pausing a little to reflect on the past. It is time to thank graduates for their relentless work, as well as those who helped them along the way. So after researching the world high and low, here is a master list of the best marine corps graduation gifts ever. The gifts share stories, preserve memories and say thank you in an entirely different way. In our current range we have Marine Corps emblems to commemorate deployments, such as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and Vietnam. The Eagle, Globe and Anchor and the American Flag is always a popular choice. FREE Shipping on all our rings, when ordered online.


Marine Ring - Gold Celestrium
A Beautiful Gold Tone Marine Ring - A very popular ring. A great gift ! This is a very affordable ring if your looking for a USMC ring that won't brake the bank. It is one of our biggest sellers, and is suitable as a gift for any occasion. Easy to design and order. If purchasing any of these rings as a gift please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.
Market price: $359.00 save 14%
Marine Corps Ring - Silver Celestrium
A very affordable USMC ring that can be customized with details like name, division emblems and special dates. These can be deployment dates or service dates. A robust and durable United States Marine Corps Ring. Free Shipping Today.
Market price: $279.00 save 7%
Marine Corps Ring - Premium Silver
A PREMIUM SILVER ring and classed as a top of the range Marine Corps Ring. It's one of those rings that will eventually become a family heirloom and a treasure for any loved one to receive. It can be customized to display all the relevant details of a United States Marine.
Market price: $499.00 save 20%
Marine Ring - 10k Solid Gold

The Perfect Ring For Yourself Or A Loved One. Moving into the expensive range of rings, but it's just beautiful. It is made from Solid Gold and is a completely solid under the stone. FREE SHIPPING.  A beautiful gift for any marine to capture the essence of Marine Corps life !

Market price: $1399.00 save 7%