Signet Rings

Armed Forces Signet Rings. These rings are created with emblems and the name of soldier, marine, airman or sailor. Signet Rings are considered to be one of the most important pieces of jewelry worn by both men and women over the centuries. These rings are extremely old and were created by the Romans for a very practical reasons. They were initially used to create a family seal so they could stamp important documents. The Romans first made these rings from non precious metals but over time they moved to precious metals of Gold and Silver.  Very much like the Coat of Arms rings, Military Rings are available in Silver and Gold. Instead of the full Coat of Arms, only the branch logo is used. Th Gold that is used in Signet Rings is extremely ductile and very malleable and can be easily alloyed with many other metals to make it more hard-wearing and practical. Sterling silver is far more popular and cost effective. These rings are also very popular for those who want to purchase a less expensive ring. These rings are available in Gold and Silver and on the face of the ring the owners initials is  engraved or cast. To decorate the signet rings further an ornate design can be engraved or etched on the shanks.