Vietnam Rings for veterans of foreign wars. The Vietnam War was a protracted one quite like the war on terror in Afghanistan. Americans were drawn into the ideological war between the Northern and Southern Vietnam. It began in 1959 and lasted for over a decade. America abruptly withdrew its forces by end of April, 1975 and the war remained inconclusive. But the war veterans there had served the nation. They had faced the guerrilla war tactics and suffered casualties and several forms of injuries and atrocities. War veterans carry a whole lot of pain of losing friends in gruesome incidents.

vietnam ringThey have to live through some of those painful moments each day of their life, long after the war is over. After all such sufferings, they were denied respect and laurels because of inconclusiveness of that war. People tend to treat their withdrawal from that war as a defeat, which is not true at all. In the light of new wars, there is a danger of the vanguard being forgotten. It is time to honor and remember these brave soldiers of the country. One way to do that would be to gift Vietnam Rings to them.

Vietnam Rings Personalized

Most rings are ornate and decorative jewelry pieces made from precious metals and stones. Military rings should stand out amongst them indicating the wearer’s service to the nation, and giving the person a distinct identity amongst civilians as well as other war veterans. In addition, such rings should only be created for those who genuinely served the interests of the country. In other words, there should be a way to keep the brevity associated with such ring intact instead of making it a fashionable ring for everybody to wear. Military Rings Online offers services of casting and keeping record of such rings.

The company offers different types of Vietnam rings including:

As the name suggests, these are personalized rings with the name of the person appearing on the side or shoulder of the ring.

 Rings for Veterans

The central stone on the mounting can be surrounded by the name of country, division or unit. Alternately, the symbol of the country, i.e., the eagle can be embossed on precious metal in the place of stone mount and the name of the unit can be on the shoulder of such military ring. Anything that is symbolic of that war and common with the battalion or in a group can be represented on the ring. The ring may be made from gold or other metals.

vietnam rings

Military Rings

Vietnam Military Rings could also mention the period of the veteran’s stay in Vietnam. Some may be privates, others who may have been elevated to senior positions. Designation of the wearer could also be embossed or inlaid. The names and logos of their divisions can be clearly cast on the shoulders of their military rings.

Rings in Gold and Silver

These make wonderful and long lasting gifts. People tend to be more careful with rings when they realize it is made from precious metals such as gold and silver. Nevertheless, military rings based on the services of Vietnam veterans, should be made from precious metals such as silver and gold. Such metals add to the value of the ring in more ways than one.

Giving Vietnam rings to Vietnam war veterans can help them feel better and is best way to honor them. It would of course be nice to offer additional privileges to the wearer of such rings like giving them preference in queues, and buses. The nation seems to have forgotten them.

At least the close family members and friends could spend time with them and give recognition to their contribution in making the US what it is today. The Vietnam ring on hand would become a constant reminder of that recognition and love even when others are not around. Perhaps it would bring a smile of satisfaction on the faces of these weary veterans. That is the least we can do for them.
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