Marine Ring - 10k Solid Gold

There are many Marine Corps Rings on the market which appear to be cheaper, but when compared, you will see that they are hollow under the stone. This ring is designed in the traditional style and worn be thousands of enlisted and retired Marines. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

  • See detailed images under main picture.
  • Important - Select different designs for both sides.

NOTE: About Text On Sides - Above Selected Emblems 
You can have up to two lines and each line can only be 9 characters including spaces.

Examples: The symbol / indicates two lines can be used above emblem on sides
Kuwait /  2005-2006
Sergeant / Jones 

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The Perfect Ring For Yourself Or A Loved One. Moving into the expensive range of rings, but it's just beautiful. It is made from Solid Gold and is a completely solid under the stone. FREE SHIPPING.  A beautiful gift for any marine to capture the essence of Marine Corps life !

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