Welcome to Military Online Shopping

Military online shopping offers many advantages to the military community when it comes to shopping. It is designed to give members of the military and civilians an opportunity to make affordable purchases wherever they are in the world. Here we make transactions secure and deliveries easier.

Furthermore, it offers military personnel various discounts and bonuses. For those special occasions when you are overseas you can now order online and have your item shipped to any location. Some of the most popular personalized products are military rings, watches, clocks, shields, swords and Coats of Arms.

Custom Military Rings

Military Rings are available for all branches of the Armed Forces. These rings can be personalized with the service members name, rank and dates of service. Whether it's birthdays, retirements, anniversaries or important career milestones, veterans and family members will be able to find suitable military rings for the occasion.

Family Coat of Arms

Military Online Shopping is proud to present some of the finest examples of embroideries and plaques to display your family Coat of Arms. Family Rings with the Coat of Arms can also be designed for military families who want to pass on traditions and family heritage. Heraldic products require a delivery period of around three weeks.

Shopping for Military Gifts Online

When you shop online, you will have a much easier time searching for gifts. You can sit in your home or office and consider all the options for personalizing the item. We have gifts for the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Army, the Air Force as well as the Coast Guard. Each gift can be customized for different types of military service personnel, so you should have no trouble finding an appropriate gift to commemorate any important milestone or special occasion.

Delivery and Payments

The majority of products are delivered to almost every country in the world, including combat zones, APO's as well as FPO's. Military Online Shopping provides a secure shopping environment for all patrons. Military Rings are normally delivered in 4-6 weeks from date of purchase. Payments can be made using all major credit cards.  PayPal is also a very popular option.