40th Birthday Gifts for Him must be carefully selected and personalized. A personalized birthday range of gifts online from $199.00 will suit a lot of men.  What does a man want for his 40th birthday? For some, there is a rather simple answer: a day driving a sports car, the latest power tool, breakfast in bed. Tickets to an international sporting occasion, or a day’s fishing is also good. Interestingly for some, they seem to be interested in nothing; when asked what they would like to say, “nothing in particular” and in a rather tired voice. Due to this diversification of interest in men, it becomes somewhat difficult, especially for the person trying to decide what to get for their loved ones on their 40th birthday.

Be glad to know that there are rumours out there claiming that if they had the means, most men in their 40s would go for Harley Davidson and a pair of leather pants. You must be wondering why. The answer is pretty simple, at 40, it’s without a doubt that most of them are experiencing what is famously known as a midlife crisis, and unknowingly to them, they would like these items so as to hit their midlife crisis head-on. Cutting to the chase, what exactly do men like when in their 40s?

40th Birthday Gifts for Him
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Unique 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

To say the truth, men are different and thus would appreciate different gifts. As the one giving the gift, there are things you will need to consider.

  • Budget- before parting with any cash, the first question you need to ask yourself is, how much can you afford?
  • Relationship- the man you are buying a gift for, what kind of relationship are you two having. And lastly
  • Personality- how does this man view his advancing years, and does he have a sense of humour about it, or will he be offended by too many gag 40th birthday present that makes repeated references to his age and to the ailment of getting older


Supposing you have asked and answered the three questions here are a few suggestions to go with:

Cool Gift Ideas for bloke’s 40th birthday could include Cuckoo Clocks. This will make him feel appreciated and most importantly cared for. A clock will always remind him that his time is indeed priceless. You can also consider organizing for him to have a day out driving tanks. Another idea is to get him a photo gift: popular photo gifts for men include mouse pads, coffee cups, luggage tags, puzzles and photo books. Alternatively, you can order golf balls, cards, military rings and U.S postage stamps personalized with your chosen photo.

40th birthday gift ideas for men


It is common knowledge that men love accessories too. Try being creative. If he served in the “Armed Forces” get him a military ring personalized with his name and branch emblem on it.. Alternatively, you can order a family coat of arms for him, either engraved on a ring or hand-painted on a plaque. You can also get him a set of cufflinks themed to his favourite interest such as golf or even fish, or a fishing rod.


The possibilities are truly unlimited. Just be creative and most important, know your man; his personality and favourites. If you completely run out of ideas, just log into an online shopping store like this one and sample a few items they have in stock.

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