Signet Rings created using an engraving process from ancient times. A gold or silver family coat of arms signet ring makes a timeless family heirloom. Originally a sign of authority and social status. The signet ring now represent a kaleidoscope of meaning for many people. The signet ring welcomes the family’s future generations while celebrating the heritage forged by past generations.

Capture a rich family heritage with a uniquely designed Coat of Arms signet ring. Designing a signet ring involves the most effort and the greatest reward. Does your family have a coat of arms? Have this engraved on top of the ring to make a unique piece. Don’t worry if your family does not have a coat of arms. Think about a symbol,place or location that you consider your own or important to your family. Have the signet ring engraved with your family’s own symbol. The result is a unique and meaningful design that is sure to be highly appreciated and valued by your family members.

military signet rings
Rings available for all branches of the Armed Forces – Click on Image

Silver Signet Rings

The choice depends on what means more to you. Gold and silver vary in meaning. In some cultures, gold is associated with the sun’s energy and the new discoveries or wisdom it brings. For most people, gold means prosperity and success. Families with many generations engaged in a trade or business can choose a gold signet ring to represent prosperity. Other families can also pick a gold signet ring to express the family’s thrust towards fields of learning and invention.

Silver is connected to the moon’s energy and the fluidity, perseverance and insightfulness that develop from flowing with the changing force of the tides. Families that have survived challenges in the past enrich the ring’s meaning with silver signet rings for men.  A silver signet ring can also represent unity and peace in the family. Whether you choose a gold or silver military signet ring, select the ring that best captures what your family is all about.

Traditions Of Passing Down Rings

A family signet ring is an ideal gift for important occasions such as weddings, graduations, 18th or 21st birthdays, succession in the family business, or entry into the family trade. Presenting the family signet ring during gatherings or reunions is a good way of gaining recognition for the ring as an heirloom. Create a single signet ring or identical signet rings. A single signet ring can be given to the first-born child, to an only child, the child who continues a family business or trade, or a family member who takes the leadership role. A set of identical family crest rings can be given to all children.

family crests - signet rings
Beautiful Family Crest Rings from Military Online Shopping – Click Image for Details.

Celebrate your family’s history.

Ensure the future of your family’s heritage. Have a gold or silver signet ring engraved with your family crest or symbol. Give it as a gift during momentous family occasions and begin the tradition of passing the signet ring as an heirloom.

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