Cufflinks are the ideal clothing accessory for the formal, sophisticated and elegant man. This is why military cufflinks have always been popular among men from the armed forces. There are many types, including those that are specific to a particular regiment or battalion. Special engravings and markings can also be made and this adds a personal touch to your gift.

Army Cufflinks

These are very dear to army personnel and are an object of great pride. You can find ones that have the colors and symbols of any particular section of the Army. These can be worn with business suits, blazers or just a shirt and tie. It is a perfect choice for formal occasions, especially when old Army friends might be present.

For the US Navy

Another great part about this item is that they act as the perfect gift. Even within the Navy itself, there are a number of different styles to choose from. There is enough variety to satisfy everyone’s taste. And no Navy man can fail to get a sense of pride when he sees the cufflinks of his old Navy colors.

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Air Force

Cufflinks have always been a favorite among men of the Air. Air Force personnel always come across as dashing gentlemen and nothing can quite add to the charm like a pair of sophisticated cufflinks. These items are also available in gold, silver and other precious metals. They really make a strong style statement. Apart from these, you will also find links to many other branches of the American Armed Forces. The Coast Guard and Masonic emblems are especially popular these days.

Types Of Cufflinks

Double Faced
These are the most formal type and have two similar faces connected in the middle with metal bars. They could also be connected with means of a chain, and these are generally more comfortable for the wearer.

Push Through
These have rounded ends that are pushed through the buttonhole to form a tight grip. They can also have a swivelling bar that locks at right angles to seal the cuffs perfectly.

It is also important to keep in mind the color of your suit or shirt matches well with the cuff links. For example, lighter colors can be paired with silver cufflinks while gold is perfect for brown. In any case, it cannot be denied that cufflinks add a certain class and sophistication. So don’t think twice before making a purchase.

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