Army Graduation Gifts should be timeless and personalized. A military career is arguably one of the most thrilling. It might seem easy for an aspirant but it takes discipline and physical fitness to rank among the best and specifically, to join elite units. It so happens that people who end up as servicemen are inspired by their fathers and other close relatives in a fashion similar to the police and blue-bloods. Below are brief insights into five timeless army graduation gifts; their history and significance.

Army Graduation Gifts – Army Rings

Army rings date back to 1835 when cadets of the United States Military academy began wearing them. The ring is an important symbol of graduation and should be a personal object to treasure. For this reason, cadets choose their rings several months before graduation. Although it is subject to personalization, some common characteristics which distinguish an army ring are the unit insignia, name of the holder and dates.

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Military Swords

Before guns were invented, armies of the past used swords to attack. There are several designs and types which are inspired by a sword that appeared at some point in history. For instance, some people just like the sword of Excalibur for the mythical powers connected to it. A sword is an excellent gift and collectable for a graduating cadet who has a passion for them.

Personalized Shields and Plaques

These are meant to strengthen a soldier,s bond to their job or rather, heighten their passion. Currently, there are several online sources from which you can get these. You however need to get assurance on the quality of the shields and plaques and whether an online source that offers them is capable of personalizing yours to the exact specifications you want. They make great army graduation gifts because they can have the family name engraved.

Family Crest Rings

Family crest rings are custom designed and bear features or elements which relate to the heraldic origins of a family. These are very popular with families whose members have a fondness for the military. A family crest ring can be sourced and personalized online if it is intended to be awarded to a graduating cadet as a gift. Remember it was aforementioned that most people who join the military are inspired by their family’s lineage. These can make exceptional army graduation gifts.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms goes hand in hand with Family Crests. Normally, an animal to which the family attributes to will be chosen to grace it. For the best results, choose an online outlet that is very skilful at personalization. For all the five listed gifts, be sure to explore several options before settling on a provider.

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