Military Gifts

Military Gifts carefully selected to suit enlisted, active and retired service personnel. The majority of gifts that are offered in our store can be personalized. The name, rank and other military details can be engraved or displayed on the item. Loved ones and family members purchase gifts to commemorate and celebrate, birthdays, retirements, promotions and important milestones. The essence of  military gifts is to create a sense of admiration and patriotism.
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Engraved Military Gifts

Engraved  gifts are a great way to celebrate any occasion. When away from home, its a lovely surprise for soldiers, airman or marine to receive a personalized gift. Plaques painted with unit emblems are very popular gifts. Robust and stylish, they can be delivered in a few weeks to any location in the world. All of these items are suitable for enlisted members of the Armed Forces
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We have beautiful retirement gifts to honor veterans. Each of these men and women have risen to the challenges of war and battle. Many have been in combat and got wounded on our behalf. Their steadfast loyalty and courage provides inspiration to all of us.  Their sacrifice must never be forgotten. Popular retirement gifts are custom made military class rings and personalized shields.
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Army Gifts

Each unit and division of the military has an emblem to represent them. These are used to create custom army gifts like military rings, plaques and bracelets. Prior to designing and personalizing any gift it is a good idea gather as much information about the individual.

Unique Military Gifts

Because they are one of a kind this makes the gift unique. To personalize a gift is to make it one of a kind. Dates and service details can be engraved on all swords.  Shields can be designed to display a branch or a unit emblem . Plaques can be ordered to show the family coat of arms or customized military logo. The personalization element of the gift certainly makes them unique.

Custom Military Rings

Custom Military rings are perfect gifts for soldiers. This is because they can be customized with unit emblems and also display dates of service. A name can be engraved above the selected emblem on the shank of the ring. Gemstones can be inserted in the ring to represent the birth month of the soldier. A laser technique will allow a logo or branch emblem to be inserted inside the stone. Rings can be manufactured in gold or premium silver. There is a metal and design that will fit most peoples budgets.


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