Military Gifts

Military Gifts can be personalized for active soldiers and veterans.  Our unique military gifts are selected to celebrate all important occasions. The milestones that arrive during the course of service, like birthdays, promotions and other military achievements are catered for. Graduation gifts for all branches are easily personalized with relevant dates and details.

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Unique Military Gifts

Gifts are personalized with appropriate personal details to ensure the occasion is marked with honor and integrity. The name of the person along with enlistment dates are very common details to be engraved on gift items. These are unique military gifts and are ideal for any occasion.

Retirement Gifts .

Thousands of trained soldiers defend democracy and human rights in Iraq and Afghanistan every day.  Other active military personnel are stationed at bases within the United States and overseas. We have gifts that will suit all these soldiers and mark commemorate their deployments. There are many part-time personnel serving in units of the National Guard and Reserve that have not yet been deployed. These are ready to go and do what’s necessary at  a moment’s notice.  Just like all other personnel  they are trained to the highest standards. When the time comes to deploy, we have selected gift items that will suffice.

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Gifts For Veterans

Engraved military gifts are a great way to celebrate a birthday or retirement. What a lovely surprise for any soldiers, airman or marine to receive a personalized item as a gift when they are away from home. Military plaques painted with unit emblems are very popular military gifts. Robust and yet stylish, they can be delivered in approximately four weeks to any location in the world. All of these items are suitable for veterans of the Armed Forces.

Military veterans who are now retired must not be forgotten. We have beautiful retirement gifts that can be personalized to honor and commemorate the achievements of these veterans. The veteran’s steadfast determination is an ongoing inspiration to all of us. Every one of these men and women has risen to the challenges of war and battle. Many have been in danger for long periods of time, and many have been wounded on our behalf.

Military Rings Are Popular Gifts

The essence of  military gifts is to create a sense of admiration and patriotism.  Custom Military rings are perfect gifts for soldiers because they can be customized with emblems and various texts. The name can be engraved above the selected emblem on the shank of the ring and the rank can precede this. Colored stones can be inserted in the ring to represent the birth month of the wearer. The technique of lasering will allow a logo or branch emblem to be inserted in the stone. This makes the ring remarkably unique. The rings can be manufactured in solid gold or premium silver. There is a metal and design that will fit most peoples budgets.


Other gifts like personalized swords with a shield are unique and make great gifts. The most popular swords in the catalogue is the deployment swords and the patriot sword. On the blade of these swords, the soldier’s name and rank can be engraved. The dates of service can also be added. The swords are normally place above the fireplace or in the hallway of the patriot’s home. Scrolls can be printed with additional information about the soldier’s service record. The combination of the scroll and the sword makes a superb presentation.

Army Gifts

Each unit and division of the military has an emblem to represent them. These emblems can be used to create custom army gifts like military rings, plaques and bracelets. Before trying to design and personalize any gift, write all the text down on a sheet of paper and the you may want to edit this before entering into the design system in the store.

Navy Gifts.

We have watches, rings, bracelets all ready to be personalized for men and women of the sea. The rings are manufactured and processed for men and women. The stone in each ring can be facet cut or custom made with the Navy logo inside it.

Air Force Gifts.

The numerous gifts for the United States Air Force are crafted with style and quality and will honor the traditional Air Force tradition. Watches with the USAF logo and custom air force rings are always popular.

Marine Corps Gifts

Military Online Shopping is extremely proud to be able to deliver unique gifts that will represent the trials and tribulations of life in the Marine Corps. The swords and the rings on offer will display the traditions of the proud branch of the Armed Forces. All the divisions of the corps are represented. For those who were prisoners of war, the POW-MIA is a powerful emblem on the side of any ring. The Tun Tavern and the Rifle Expert are two very popular emblems. The options to create a perfect marine ring are limitless. A ring can be designed using our selector in approximately ten minutes. There is no excuse not to design and create a unique gift for your spouse, son or loved one. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment with the options available.
Budget Gifts.

With the constant constraints on finance we have selected gifts in other items that can be purchased from as little as $199.00. In addition to this we have seasonal offers of free shipping on some items. Details of these can be seen in the store. Remember there are occasions throughout the year that are very busy and we do ask you to allow ample time to receive your items. The busy times are Christmas and Father’s Day, so pay attention to the information given in the store. Items are delivered worldwide by FedEx and USPS. When the item enters the shipping process we will send you a tracking number. This will let you know the arrival date.

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