Retirement Gifts that show appreciation for all men and women who serve in the military. Gifts can be personalized with name and dates of service. Retirements are special occasions that we like to mark with a special thoughtful gift. It signifies a major turning point in a person’s life.

This is the time when a person officially leaves the work environment behind and embarks on a different journey.  To mark this occasion, it is a tradition to give the retiree a truly memorable token that they will cherish for the rest of his life. There are hundreds of military gifts you can give to a person on his retirement day, but if you want your gift to be truly memorable, you have to consider the personal likes of the intended recipient.

Custom Retirement Gifts

If you want to veer away from the traditional cuff links and picture frames, try giving novelty gift items that are meaningful. Examples of such gifts are specially made action figures resembling the retiree or perhaps a framed caricature of one of his most popular facial expressions. Add a short dedication to the gift and it becomes very memorable. For more novelty custom gift ideas, check out the custom gifts in our shopping area.  Gifts that evoke memories of times spent in the service  and the colleagues they served with are precious.
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Personalized   Gifts For Veterans

Military Rings have always been the gift of choice for soldiers retiring. This is because you can put so much information on this small piece of jewelry. It can pe personalized in seven different areas.

  • Swords are a good choice also. The patriot sword can be engraved with the person’s name and rank along the blade.
  • Shields are custom made for all the branches, On the front and back of the branch shield there are areas that can be personalized with text and images.
  • Plaques are available for all units and divisions and can be personalized with details of service. A very popular plaque is the one with the Coat of Arms displayed on the front.

Making a personalized magazine cover with the retiree’s picture as the centerpiece is quite easy. If you’re not that skilled in graphic design, you can have a professional make it. This is money well spent on a memorable gift. You can have the artwork mounted on a nice frame and give it to the retiree at his military retirement gifts party. Retirement gifts don’t have to be expensive. The most important thing is that you give it sincerely and let the retiree know just how much you appreciate him.

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Gifts for Military men and women must show pride in their service. If you’re looking for a gift, then personalized military gifts are always a great option. There are a wide variety of gifts you can get that tie into their service, no matter what branch they served in or when.

Personalized Gifts for Military

You can get a wide variety of household gifts that relate to military service. The five main branches of the military are: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Each has its own insignia and meaningful symbols or slogans.  Be sure you order a military gift based on the correct branch! Everything from photo frames to t-shirts can be personalized to include their unit, deployment date, number of tours, and so on. They might include emblems of their particular section, or of the army in general. Even general American symbols like eagles go over well when combined with the special dates.

Military Rings

This is one of the easiest and most treasured personalized gifts for military members.  You will need to know their ring size, however. If you get the wrong size, they won’t be able to wear it, so it’s better to ask upfront. The military rings usually reflect the general branch emblem.

It can include a flag or other insignia in the stone as a focal point or could be a relatively plain band. You can also get it engraved with their name or initials on the inside or outside. Very popular right now are custom military rings for deployment campaigns. Campaigns such as Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Retirement rings can be customized with the soldiers dates engraved on the side.

Example: Sergeant Moore on one side and his years of service on the other  1985-2005.

Military Plaques & Swords

Perhaps your loved one isn’t the type to wear a ring, or you don’t know their ring size. If they’ve just moved into a new place or renovated and are looking for wall decorations. Shields a great option that combines style with pride. A stylish and elegant way to summarize their service, plaques also make it easy for their brothers and sisters in the military to recognize their achievements.

A unit deployment plaque might list the names of fellow soldiers, a map or image of the area.  It could include the unit’s nickname, slogan, or emblem.

Military swords can be personalized according to your loved one’s branch of service.  Name and rank can be engraved with text of your choice to personalize it.

Military Pendants For Her

If jewelry is still a preferable option, a pendant is a good way for your gift recipient to wear a badge of service close to their heart. Men and women of the military can both appreciate pendants. When styled appropriately they might be based on the familiar dog tags or on specific insignia that mean a lot to them.

They can be worn on chains, so you won’t need their ring size, but are no less easily spotted by fellow veterans or service members. These are just a few options for personalized military gifts to help your gift recipient commemorate their time serving with pride!

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