Family Crest Rings for men and women are available in Gold and Sterling Silver. They are sure to become a true and treasured family heirloom. These particular rings are the ultimate display of family pride. A unique way to commemorate and honor your ancestors from centuries past. Maybe one of your ancestors was a great medieval knight who wore the family crest ring with your family’s emblems engraved on the face of it. You could be related to an old Chieftain, who knows?

family crest rings

Whether you purchase Silver or Gold the engraving will be exactly the same. The details on the rings are taken from the Coat of Arms which relates to the original family. In some cases, this will date back to the tenth and twelfth centuries. It is also worth pointing out that some Coats of Arms in Europe were totally destroyed during the great fires. In some cases, those that were destroyed, a new Coat of Arms is believed to have been created to replace the original. If you contact the College of Arms they will shed further light on this aspect of heraldry.

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Silver Family Crest Rings

This ring was the first-ever signature ring. It certainly is a lovely ring with a practical element to it. The face of the ring will have the markings taken from your Coat of Arms. These markings include the shield area and the crest. Markings will be engraved on the ring surrounded by the mantle. Directly beneath these engravings, the family name will be engraved on a special heraldic ribbon. Family seal rings are very similar to the family crest rings and are available in Silver and Gold.

family crest rings in gold and silver
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To create the seal you simply get sealing wax and press the ring on it. Wax is available in various colours, but the most popular colour and the one that we are most familiar with is crimson red. Place a few drops of wax on the letter or the envelope wait a few seconds until the wax is beginning to set then press the ring into the wax.  Then wait for a few moments and remove it.  You should now have a perfect seal displaying your Coat of Arms which was widely used in former times. It is believed the old saying “let’s seal the deal” came from carrying out this deed.

Gold Rings

With Gold continuously rising now is the time to purchase.  They are available in Yellow and White Gold. Starting at 9k Gold right up to 18K gold.  Remember the higher the carat the softer the Gold. Those who are considering purchasing a ring, often pose the following question. Should I buy 9 or 14k Gold?

I answer this by first asking them what type of work they do and do they want to wear the ring all the time. Is it for occasional wear or for everyday use? If you work manually and would like to wear the ring all the time I would suggest a 9 or 10k Gold Ring. This is because the metal is hard and won’t mark as easily. If on the other hand, you want to wear the ring occasionally there is nothing as beautiful as a 14k Gold Ring.

Family Crest Jewelry

Family Crest Rings are a great way to the history of your heritage.  The family crest which sits on top of the family Coat of Arms is portrayed with the engravings on the heraldic family crest rings. All family names originating in Europe have a family Coat of Arms and one can acquire one of these beautiful rings. Family crest jewellery can be issued for both men and women. This type of jewellery can be availed for almost every crest and coat of arms. The elegance of each piece of these urbane family rings can be judged by their visibility and stylish looks.

family crest rings

The family crests and coat of arms that are engraved on the surface of family crest rings are unique. The Crest and Coat of Arms are very distinctive and vary for family clans.  Each ring reveals a different family history with a special focus on the origin and background of the clan. Most family crest rings are also available with smooth bands without scroll work.  Family mottos and personal phrases or sentiments can also be applied to the surfaces.

Family Crest Rings – Prices

The prices vary, and much depends on the metal your select. Currently, a sterling silver ring will cost you about $350.00 for a cushion-style ring. This is probably one of our best-selling rings, as it fits most people’s spending budget. There are different variations of family crest rings with distinct crests and coats of arms like Celtic, Heraldry, or Irish, based on the surnames of people from separate countries.

The choice of a correct coat of arms or family crest ring depends on a number of factors that include the family crest symbol and the surname origin.  Family crest rings are engraved on gemstones and also precious metal compositions. They can be manufactured using a composition of gold and silver, which is affordable to many. All family crest rings will come with a free family name history scroll. This scroll will give you some information about the origins of the family and what type of occupation they might have had.

We have a proficient history of dealing with the specific requirements of our customers. A team of expert craftsmen take care of the research work that is associated with the making of an ideal family crest ring for the family of the client. The sophisticated die-cutting technology and popular craftsmanship that we employ, help us meet and achieve the needs of our clients for their family crest rings and eventually provide them with proper satisfaction. It is this quality of service that brings us the large clientele that we guarantee to satisfy.

Example Of The Process

When your order is received at the office, it is processed to the next stage which is research.

  • (1) The researcher will find the Coat of Arms for your family name.
  • (2) He will then send you a picture of the Coat of Arms for your approval.
  • (3) Your order is then sent to the heraldic smith, the smith will engrave the Coat of Arms or the Shield on the ring of your choice, which may be Gold or Sterling Silver.
  • (4) After going through Quality control, the ring will be sent to the address entered on your order form.

We currently have rings for Irish names, Spanish names, English names and other European names. Before we make any ring we will send you a copy of the family Coat of Arms that we will be using. All you have to do is approve it and you will have your ring in about three weeks.

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Smith Family Crest

The Smith family crest is a rich symbol of history, ancestry, and family identity. It is a symbol of pride for the Smiths as they trace the roots of their surname back to England and Ireland. We explore the history behind this fascinating family name and look at some of the ways it can be honoured with an engraved family crest ring. From its origins in medieval England and Ireland to its modern-day use as a cherished memento, the Smith family crest is an enduring emblem that has stood the test of time.


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