Military Lingerie for the romantic occasions and seductive moments. Choosing plus-sized lingerie can be a challenge for the men in your life. Unknown to some women that these garments even exist in flattering dimensions for full-figures gals!

military lingerie
Military Lingerie on Amazon

Looking and feeling your best is a must for every discerning lady.  Today’s lingerie industry is as accommodating as the selections are comfortable and lovely for curvaceous women that want sexy lingerie. The following has curtailed the process of selection down to 5 effective ways to choosing sexy, flattering lingerie no matter what your size and target area for extra coverage.

Military Lingerie for Soldiers

Every woman possesses a unique figure with some physical attributes she would prefer to draw attention away from, or is more comfortable with and would like to play up. So keep this in mind when you’re selecting military lingerie. If you’re busty, for instance, choosing a garment that accentuates your natural abundance would be wise.

A poochy belly? Loose, flowing fabric that moves across your curves will draw more attention to your femininity and less to one specific part of your body.

Comfortable coverage vs constricting concealment

It really doesn’t matter how pretty or expensive the garment is if it doesn’t get worn because it makes a women feel over-exposed, uncomfortable or unattractive. Avoid garments that insist you need to girdle-it until your blood flow is threatened. Many of these garments do little to conceal, and actually attract attention to areas a woman may feel less confident about by making her appear unnatural.

If you’ve ever seen a full-bodied woman in one of these unattractive get-ups, she looks more like sausage oozing out of a too tight casing. Think comfortable layers when choosing sexy military lingerie; leave the constrictive garments in the middle ages where they belong.

Image is everything: choosing the right fabric for military lingerie

Just as women have different personalities, so does lingerie. Comfort level should not be overlooked while selecting appropriate lingerie. If you are the adventurous, risqué type, a piece that is made from one type of fabric, with smooth, seamless lines, in a mute color, may not be as appealing to you as the avant-garde, toile and lace ensemble in blood red. It’s all a matter of taste, style and preference. Choosing your lingerie based upon someone else’s personality is a sure way to end up with lingerie that will end up an unworn expense.

Does it empower you? Cultivating the divine feminine military lingerie

military lingerie
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If the piece selected gives you a boost and validates your sense of femininity, then it’s a good match. It is important to feel good in whatever you’re wearing and sexy lingerie is no exception! Never choose a piece because it appeals to someone else, or it looks smashing on another woman in a catalog, for instance. The piece should enhance your natural inclinations towards sexiness, not the other way around.

What shade looks best on you: The art of texture

Taking skin-color into consideration as well as the texture of the piece, is another important component of choosing sexy military lingerie. Colors and textures look different against different types and tones of skin. For instance, a pale color in matte cotton may not flatter a woman of fair complexion. However, the same color in silk will soften the look and reflect light favorably onto the skin. Also, women with darker skin can go bolder and brighter with color and experiment with complex patterns.

Choosing the right sexy lingerie for the full-figured gal is made simple with 5 easy steps and just a few considerations:

  • enhancement of natural assets
  • comfort as opposed to constriction
  • the personality of the wearer
  • boosts body image and validates femininity
  • shades and fabric textures are selected that compliment skin color and tone.
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