Military Clothes with logos and sentiments for the tame and the wild ones.  Military Clothes are available in all styles and colors. There are still a lot of military jackets around at the moment for men, but unless you are confident that this look is for you, stay away from them. These jackets are often double breasted and make men look wider at the top than they really are. If you are hoping to give the illusion of a large chest area, then you might consider this jacket, but on the whole military jackets are strictly for men who are looking to make a statement. The are pride items just like military rings.

Custom Military Clothes

Military Clothes made famous by Chris Martin of Coldplay and Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, and years before them, Adam Ant, this is a jacket which is theatrical in style, but has found its way onto the high street. The jackets worn by these rock stars feature gold buttons, no collar, and heavy shoulder padding. They look good on stage, but unless you are hoping to cause an impact with your look, they aren’t really for everyday use.


Military Clothes like the toned down versions of the military jacket in denim and trench coat styles are far more practical and acceptable, but even this style of jacket comes with a warning. Double breasted coats make you look chunky and only suit a small percentage of men. If you like the look and feel comfortable with double breasted coats, then try the new denim military jackets that are bang on trend right now. These coats are a little longer than the original military jackets, and with the length they balance you out and don’t look too top heavy. When fastened up at the front this three quarter length denim coat looks more like a trench coat, while staying casual. A belt around the waist also helps to draw you in at the middle and takes away some of that bulkiness at the chest area.

This is still quite a young look and only chosen by men who are confident and want to keep up with the latest fashion. However, if you keep it slightly muted and stay away from the bold drummer boy jackets, and there’s no reason why a military jacket can’t work for you.

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