Navy Graduation Gifts for men and women who love personalized gifts. The graduation you have been waiting for is finally here! And you can finally get to meet your loved one. They have slogged while training, but they have finally made it through and are on the verge of graduating from either the Great Lakes Naval Base or San Diego naval base. Before you head to the function it is important that you show your loved one some appreciation.

Let him or her know that you value them. Show him how proud you are by getting him a gift. Consider the gift carefully because if the graduate will be stationed on a ship there are rules and space limitations. Here are some of gifts you should consider as it is a day of pride for both and your loved one.

Rings Are Perfect Navy Graduation Gifts

Jewelry can be a great choice for your Navy graduate. Custom made Navy rings were first architected for Navy personnel, being promoted, retiring or enlisted. The 14k or 10k Gold are some of the popular choices. They are readily available in white or yellow gold. Furthermore the visual impact can either be aged or natural antique, while quality is still the same for both. Additionally, premium silver is also available for such rings. You can also consider giving him a Customized Navy ring like the one that resembles a typical class ring. Personalized items make ideal Navy Graduation Gifts.

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Personalized US Navy Gifts – Can Be Personalized

Alternatively, you can personalize a ring to include all the Navy colors and symbols. You can also add Navy-related signs such as an anchor on watches, anklets, pendants or charm bracelets. The material used is usually a durable jeweler’s metal blended with silver or gold to design a custom made ring that resembles the more expensive metals. There are different types of rings to suite different budgets; this makes it possible for you to create a ring that you can be proud of regardless of your budget. However it is important that when you choose a ring, go for accents and style that purely reflect the epitome of your loved one’s naval journey.

Personalized Navy Plaques

Being a party of the Navy is a great privilege and when your friend, family graduates from the Great lakes Naval base, it is only fair that you appreciate them with a durable Navy Plaque. Plaques are some of the most convenient and appreciated gifts you can ever give to your loved one. Our craftsmen always strive to create amazing military plaques using only solid mahogany wood. All the wood we use is treated to avoid warping and twisting after several years.

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Navy Graduation Gifts for the first milestone of any young person’s life. This is the day they graduate from high school, college, military boot camp or navy training academy. Almost every Friday at Great Lakes Navy Training Center you can observe the many young men and women of our great nation dressed in their beautiful Navy uniforms.  These Navy graduates are flanked by their parents mostly,  displaying enormous pride at the achievement of graduating.

Custom Navy Graduation Gifts

The majority of parents and loved ones put a lot of effort and thought into getting the perfect gift for the special occasion.  For Navy graduation gifts we have a select range here at Military Online Shopping.  One of the most popular over the years are the Navy Rings which can be fully customized.  They can record the date of the graduation, the name of the graduate and other details such as birthstone, rate and much more.  Custom rings are available in Gold and Silver

Popular Graduation Gifts

A gift that never fails is the one that evokes family or military pride. This special gift relates to ancestry and ones family roots something we all have. In this field family crest rings can be created by having the family Coat of Arms researched.  Then the Coat of Arms can be engraved on either a Gold or Sterling Silver ring. One of the great advantages of this gift is that it can be worn everyday and can travel with the graduate wherever they go. A constant reminder of the family heritage from bygone days.


For many young girls, a Gold or Silver pendant is an apt graduation gift and you don’t have to break the bank. A nice pendant with the graduates birthstone inset or one with the graduates and the parents birthstone all together. The Coat of Arms pendant is still a treasured favourite by both ladies and gents and is most suitable as Navy graduation gifts.


Whatever gift you design and purchase, make sure it is personalized with the name at least. Personalized gifts are rarely forgotten and become more meaningful as the years pass by. The also become a valuable family heirloom.

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