Navy Gifts are selected on the basis that they are unique and can be personalized. The very essence of Navy Gifts is to note and reward an enlisted or retired member for their service to the country. In bygone days it was custom for a King to reward sailors and seamen for their service to King and country. Gifts and awards serve the purpose of recognizing loyalty, service and honor.

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Personalized gifts maintain a healthy relationship between husband and wife and especially Navy Wives.  It is a wonderful instrument to show how much one is loved and missed. Don’t forget that some sailors are away from their families for six months. The burden placed on both husband and wife is immense. These gifts are sometimes ones of gratitude and reconciliation.
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Navy Gifts For Graduations

Navy Graduations take place at Great Lakes in Illinois on a weekly basis. After graduating, sailors will head on to advance training. The graduation is a wonderful affair for both the sailor and the extended family. It’s a day of celebration and achievement. Young enlisted men and women are transformed from raw recruits to very well-trained Sailors. For many, it’s a proud day and one they like to mark as a special milestone. Custom-made Navy rings serve to commemorate this special achievement.

Heraldic Gifts

Because we spend so much time surrounded by Navy items, it can be sometimes good to wander off the normal path. The heritage of any family has a wonderful history. Over the last few decades, quite a few enlisted and retired Navy personnel devote their spare time to genealogy. Heraldic Gifts like the Family Coat of Arms and family crest rings are treasured by many in the U.S. Navy.

Custom Navy Rings

Custom Navy Rings were first designed for enlisted men. Then they became very popular for people retiring or being promoted. The 10k or 14k Gold are a very popular choice and are available in Yellow or White Gold.  The visual effect can be either natural or aged antique, while the quality remains the same for both.  Premium silver is also available for these Navy rings.

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Celestrium is also available as an option. This material is extremely durable and has the appearance of gold or silver. Depending on your budget, you can create a custom beautiful ring that you can be proud of. However, when selecting a custom navy ring, choose the style and accents that reflect the epitome of your naval journey.

Navy Retirement Gifts

Exquisite Navy retirement gifts can be designed and personalized to show the years of service. Navy Retirement Rings and watches make a unique and thoughtful gift. Both of these items can be personalized with engraved text and custom emblems. All of our gift items can be shipped to most countries.

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Custom Navy Rings – Selection
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