Coat of Arms dating back to the early centuries when this was a method of identifying a family or clan. The practice of family coat of arms being engraved on a ring or embroidered on a banner was not exclusive to nobility. Knights on the battlefield  would deem it his right to don a family crest ring or a shield ring.

A family crest ring with an engraved Coat of Arms can be used to seal letters and important documents. To carry out this process, you simply melt some sealing wax onto the back of an envelope or certificate Then wait a few moments and the press the ring directly into the wax. Remove the ring, and if done correctly you should be left with your crisp family seal. The wax can be bought in a variety of colours, but the most popular colour is  blood red.

Double Family Coat of Arms Print – Click on Image For Details

Coat of Arms Prints

Heraldic images are symbolic, highly stylized graphic representations that either relates to a specific individual or family name. Sometimes the individual’s deeds or the family history can be recorded. There are various types of heraldic coats-of-arms. Use or display of a heraldic arms is frequently governed by law. In those countries which regulate their use, a blazon is legal property. Only certain individuals – the owners and sometimes their relatives – are entitled to use or display a specific coat-of-arms.

Heraldry History

Heraldry originated in the early middle Ages. It cam into full use during the feudal period. Medieval knights used their images to quickly and easily identify themselves to friends and foes during tournaments and battles. For example, a cloth surcoat or tunic decorated with his coat-of-arms was worn over a knight’s armor. His shield, helmet and pennant was also painted with designs. A similar system – but with different design elements – evolved and came into use in feudal Japan.

Very specific symbolic devices, colors and patterns are combined to create a heraldic arms.  Each of these components tells a part of the story of the person, family or organization. The meaning of a civic, national, military or organizational coat-of-arms is often easy to ascertain.

It is, however, sometimes very difficult to accurately decipher the symbolism on a personal, family crest. Many personal heraldic coats-of-arms were granted to the bearer many hundreds of years ago, and the characteristics and deeds of the bearer that the arms were based on are no longer known.

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