Gift ideas for men in the Armed Forces. It’s the season to be jolly and to go shopping! The question looms what to give the man in your life. Whether it’s family or friend, giving the wrong gift to a man can be embarrassing and disappointing. We all want to give a gift that shows we care and know exactly what our loved one wants. Remember what may not be a gift you would ever want to receive could be the perfect treasure for the man in your life.

Here are some gift ideas for men

If he has a car chances are he loves it. Think car accessories that are unique such as personalized license plates or interesting seat covers or stick shift ornaments. Be unique but try not to be too cheesy, unless you know that’s his thing. There is always the classic dashboard hula dancer to make someone smile. These are unique gift ideas for men in the military.

gift ideas for men in the military
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Video Game Gear. Most men are into gaming and own an Xbox, PS3 or other platform. Don’t buy games since again you can’t be sure if it’s what he will like. Think accessories. New controllers or specialized equipment for certain games such as Guitar Hero. Also, think to add a personal touch and include gift cards for pizza delivery or wholesale bags of chips and other snacks.

Booze. This one is age appropriate of course. Specialty beers from foreign countries or quality liquors. Include books on beers or how to make cocktails as a personal touch. Consider a variety of wines from different countries for an international feel. Match wine and beer with nice wine glasses or beer mugs and liquors with interesting shot glasses. Perhaps a nice bottle of Jameson Whiskey

You can’t go wrong with tickets to events he enjoys. It could be concert tickets, seasonal sport tickets, movie, theatre or special event tickets. Remember to buy a set of two so that he can take a friend. Give him the gift of a good time and show support of his spending time with friends. He’s bound to be delighted.

Gifts For Men When Deployed

A lot of men won’t spend the money to buy good quality cologne, but they will soon be converted if they’re impressed. Buy quality cologne that isn’t over powering or reminds anyone of their father. His first reaction may not be excitement when he opens the package, but when he starts hearing all the compliments later that day he’ll have retrospective delight for his gift.

Unless he goes commando, this is part of his daily wardrobe and again he may not deem it worthy to spend much on his underpants. This is how to impress him. Stay away from cheap, cheesy prints and go for a little expense. Comfort and class is the key when giving boxers as a gift. Choose a pair he wouldn’t spend the money on himself. Try silk or if need be cotton, but stay away from lycra and spandex. These two materials will only make him sweat and itch. Buy a pair you know he’ll be impressed by and after one wear he will be reconsidering his undie budget.

Nostalgic gifts ideas for men in the military. Think about his memories, things he mentions with that far away look in his eyes. Some comic book or movie he was into when he was growing up. These things never quite fade from memory. A movie poster or action figure can bring a surprising smile to his face Christmas morning.


Sunglasses.Yes its winter, but it won’t be for long and they are always good for driving in the daytime. Fashionable sunglasses are a perfect gift. Think aviators, think James Dean, think super-awesome and cool. Guys like to think they are the coolest guys on the planet, so make them feel that way and give their ego a boost with a pair of so-cool shades.

Gloves, Scarves, Hats.
These gift ideas for men in the military are great especially if he is not fashion minded man. If he is walking around looking like a mismatched Maggie then this gift is the perfect choice. Take some time and match up the gloves, scarves and hats with what you know he always wears. Find some classic pieces to match with his usual attire and show him how good he can look with a little thought, effort and the right woman behind him!

Military Rings

Jewelry. Military Rings are fantastic if the man in your life is in the service or has retired from the service. You can personalize military rings online  with the soldier’s name, rank and the dates he served along with emblems of units, divisions and brigades

Gift Ideas for men in the military
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Coat of Arms.
These are the most treasured gifts one can send, and can be in the form of family crest rings, an embroidered banner or a painted plaque. This gift giving season, impress him with a little thoughtfulness. Show him who knows him best and watch the smile spread across his stubble face Christmas morning or on his birthday! Enjoy searching for gift ideas for men in the military.

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