Military Online Shopping is operated by Universal Promotions LLC.  The company retails jewelry,  and select gifts for all special occasions and milestones. The staff have been working along side the military for many decades in the United States , Germany, Kuwait and Iraq. Our deployments to combat zones, have given us a great insight of what service members and their families require when serving away from home.
Weddings, birthdays,  graduations,  retirements and promotions are some of the important occasions we personalize gifts for. The personalization of these gifts include the engraving of name, rank and special dates.

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About Us & Products

Military Online Shopping will always bring to you, the very best in terms of Quality and Value at all times. We have teamed up with notable brand names and have secured discounts on most items which we are delighted to pass on to our customers.

Here are some of our product range;

  • Military Rings, Army Rings, Navy Rings
  • Air Force Rings, Marine Corps Rings
  • Custom Made Military Watches
  • Military Swords and Medieval Swords
  • Family Coat of Arms
  • Bracelets
  • Military T-Shirts

Delivery & Shipping

Our products will be shipped by USPS, UPS and Federal Express. Other methods that will ensure the quickest and safest method for your particular purchase may be used also. We have shipped items to perhaps all areas of the world and will continue to do so. Military Online Shopping is the online place for soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and their families. We provide quality items at affordable prices.

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