O’Sullivan Coat of Arms – The O’Sullivan name is a famous Irish name and according to official documentation, the name implies that the person originally came from the southwestern parts of Ireland. People bearing this surname are part of a certain sect called the Cenel Fingin who in turn descended from the Fingen Ma Aeod Duib. The O’Sullivans (at least the Mor sect) are believed to have royal ancestry. With the passing of time they became associated with the MacCarthy dynasty.

In the year 1192, the Normans from Tipperary expelled the O’Sullivans into the territory of the O’Driscolls. However, the O’Sullivans expelled the O’Driscolls and then split into two groups who were the O’Sullivan Mor and O’Sullivan Bear. In the years between 900 and the year 1609, the O’Sullivan Mor became the leaders of the Eagonnacht. Later, in the fourteenth century, the O’Sullivans, after proving that they were of royal descent, formed the O’Sullivan Coat of Arms, which has a king’s crown in it.

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Over the last two to three hundred years, the O’Sullivan families have scattered across various English-speaking countries. The O’Sullivan name implies that the person is descended of the hawk or a dark eyed person. This name is also closely linked to places like Waterford, Cork, Tipperary, Galway, Limerick and Clare.

The O’Sullivan Coat of arms motto is “The Steady Hand to Victory”.

The motto of the O’Sullivan’s is The Steady Hand to victory and this was in the beginning a war cry and slogan. Mottoes were first shown with arms in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Prior to this the coat of arms did not display the motto. Maureen O’Sullivan is one of the better-known persons with the name O’Sullivan. Others who have made the O’Sullivan name famous and proud include golfer Denis O’Sullivan, and war hero John Francis O’Sullivan. Ed Sullivan a famous American TV personality and Anne Sullivan, who taught Helen Keller, are other famous O’Sullivans.

O’Sullivans and Sullivan are currently the 3rd most common name in Ireland. The O’Sullivan Mor belonged to County Kerry while the O’Sullivan Bear were based mainly in County Cork.

Family Crest Rings

The family crest rings engraved on the O’Sullivan coat of arms have special meanings. The Gules/Red refer to the color of martyrs and signify fortitude in the military and magnanimity. The color or/yellow/gold signifies the generosity of the clan while the boar represents that the clan is of the warrior class. The Lion emblem represents undying courage while the snake is a symbol of wisdom. The stag/buck/deer on the coat of arms are symbolic of policy as well as peace and harmony. Finally, the sword represents government as well as justice.

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