Claymore Sword

Claymore Sword originating in Scotland is one of the most historic swords. One of the most recognizable swords in history is the claymore sword. The term Claymore was derived from the Gaelic claidheamohmor, which means “great sword”. It is the Scottish variant of the late medieval two handed longsword.

There are a number of Scottish literary references that indicate that claymore had been applied by Gaelic speakers. This is within the Highlands to both two handed and old fashioned swords as well as the Scottish basket hilted sword of the 18th century. Reports that indicated that the term claymore was also used in parts of England in the 1700’s as a way of describing basket hilted swords. These basket hilted swords were not the same as those used in the 1600’s as the primary military swords across Europe.

Claymore Sword History

This sword is characterized by its cross hilt of forward sloping quillions. Additionally, the Claymore sword features quatrefoil terminations and was on average 55 inches in length. This is the sword that was utilized in Ireland via Scottish mercenaries from the late 15 century until the 17th century.
claymore sword
Since the claymore swords are so very large, the swordsman did not need a shield. The lack of shield gave anyone opposing them the impression of strength and pride. The Highlanders enjoyed using the sword due to the fact that it instilled fear in the hearts of their enemies while on the battlefield. The broad blade and heavy swords remained a fairly longstanding staple within the English and Scottish regiments due to the fear they instilled.


It was post Acts of Union in 1707 that the English and Scottish regiments integrated swords. This resulted in the discontinuing of the claymore for the use of slender sabres. Given that the medieval times were an era that was partly romantic and  brutal, it still remains intriguing. That being said, claymore swords are a true embodiment and accurate representation of the time. This is a piece of history that not only captures the essence of the romanticism of the time, but also the brutality of constant battle.

Claymore Sword Battle Reenactments

Today claymore swords are utilized for battle reenactments and display. They tend to be reproductions created to the original specifications. The weight and dimensions of each reproduced claymore sword is balanced and is more than pretty to look at. Reproductions of the sword are hand crafted expertly and present themselves as incredibly authentic replicas.

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