One of the most treasured swords for the last few decades has been deployment swords. Swords are designed to commemorate the involvement of military personnel in overseas wars. They can be purchased by civilians and soldiers alike. Remember not everyone that has been deployed was directly on the battlefield. There have been countless personnel engaged in clerical, administrative and security operations to support the entire operation. These people are fully entitled to display deployment swords in their homes or place of work.

Deployment Swords For All Branches

The swords that are currently available have some unique features. One of the outstanding features is the insertion of a coin in the hilt. This coin will denote what branch of the armed forces you or a loved one served with. The coin is inserted on one side of the hilt, and on the opposite side, the scales of justice will be displayed.

Engraving on Swords

Another feature of the military swords is that it can be engraved. The engraving takes place along the blade under the hilt. Because space is limited the amount of characters that can be engraved is twenty two. The family name and the rank of the person is very popular, also deployment dates.

Be sensible when deciding what to put on the sword. Limit yourself to names, dates and rank. You don’t want it squashed, you want an observer to be able to read it. These swords are available for all US Military branches. They can be used to commemorate any milestone or important occasion in the life of active duty or retired veterans.


This beautiful piece of work is not a toy, and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. It should not fall in to the hands of a minor and used for play acting. The sword should be displayed on a wall or display case out of reach of children. There are some lovely wall mounted sword grips available to hang the sword. They don’t cost a fortune, so try and get one.

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