Military Flag Cases that honors the family and the nation. America stands as the only one in the world that issues flags besides medals for their men and women in uniform. It is a respected tradition that honors patriots for their selfless commitment and service. With a huge number of veterans and soldiers that honorably die in the battle field, and retired officers, over half a million flags are issued to families each year. The American flag however, is regarded with a lot of dignity as a symbol of the past, present and the future of the country. The American flag is not like any other fabric as there are strict traditions dating centuries ago that govern how this treasured symbol of national unity should be handled.
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Flag Cases Traditions

Folding The Flag
It is interesting to note that the American flag is not folded by any other design one pleases. There are laid down procedures on how the flag should be folded and alternative methods of folding are not acceptable. This is how you can fold your flag to fit in a flag case;

  • Hold the flag at the “waist-length”
  • Fold in half over the section with strips then again to the blue field
  • Fold the flag over and over in triangles going from right to left
  • Do the latter stage until the entire flag folds in a triangle

This folding tradition is done in honor of the commanding officers who fought in the revolutionary war in the period April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783.

Disposing the flag
The American flag should not be thrown away despite getting dirty, tattered or even fading. This would be viewed as disrespectful.

Touching the ground.
America stands majestic today thanks to the efforts of great warriors who even lost their lives for the sake of the free society every American and visitors enjoy. In their honor, the American flag should not be allowed to fall to the ground whatsoever!

The flag should never dip.

America did not permit itself to bow before any other power in the past and this will never happen in the future as well. It is for this reason that the American flag should never dip no matter to whose possession it is in. This tradition was adopted from the year 1908 in London Olympics where participating Americans refused to have their flags placed like they bow to the king of England.

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Military Flag Cases

These among other strict traditions that emanated from patriotic citizens make it necessary to that the flag be handled with the dignity it deserves. Every family or individual in possession of an American flag, all types of flags from an internment flag, the Garrison flag, Post, Field and Storm among others will need a flag case to preserve, display and more importantly protect the flag. Flag cases are designed to have all types of flags fit. The cases are made of an array of wood most commonly used being Mahogany, Oak and Walnut.

The cases come with a clear glass display that one can view the memorial flag. The flag display case also has a provision for engravings; writings about the person awarded the flag can be engraved on the case. Everyone will need a flag case for the memorable and well deserved flag they are issued by the American government.

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